Monday, June 20, 2005

The gap between us

I called before I went over and asked if she wanted to go grab something for dinner before we watched the movie.

I got there and she was walking the dog, seems that's always the case. I rode the scooter over, so at least now she knows that I have it, whether or not she has any interest in riding it is still up in the air.

I took my Appalachian Trail stuff with me so I could show here where I'd be going. I showed her this map, along with my planned route and a book. She seemed pretty interested mentioning several times that it looked like a lot of fun. Hopefully it will be.

We ran out to grab some Subway, then came back and she started some laundry. After some DVD player difficulties, we finally got the movie started. The Cooler was pretty good. William H. Macy is always good, and I was rather impressed with the performance of Alec Baldwin. I recommend it if you haven't already seen it.

As the movie progressed, the gap between us on the couch grew smaller and smaller. Eventually we were holding hands and doing that thing where you lightly draw your fingers across each others hands and forearms.

About halfway through the movie, she realized she needed to call her dad. While she got up to call him, I just hung out on the couch. My pocket started buzzing. Caller ID indicated it was J2. Stepping into the kitchen, I picked up, quickly explained I was with the Scientist and was wished the best of luck (Thanks Dude).

I sat back down on the couch and still on the phone she joined me. I just sat there listening and being mezmerized by the DVD player's screensaver when she started to rub my head (No, other head). It felt really good. I love girls to rub my head. Scalp massages rock.

When the movie was over and as the credits rolled, I figured I needed to head home since it was late. We were sitting both on the front edge of the couch when I leaned over and kissed her. This led to me sliding back into the couch and her ending up on top of me. We kissed, made out and rubbed on each other for a while. Things were getting sort of hot and heavy, hands groping, bodies sweating, parts rubbing. We were pushing into each other pretty good and I was about to make the move to pull off her shirt when things sort of wound down. I think she's trying to take things slow, which is fine with me. I can deal with it.

We talked about my trip a bit more, she wished me a safe time, then I came home to sleep. I leave town tomorrow for ten days. I guess I won't see her till after then. Maybe she'll miss me.

Mood: Dreading going back to work
Music: Warped Tour 2005 Comp


Blogger schmims said...

Too soon to take her shirt off. Simma down. Simma.

Unless she's a ho, which it does not sound like she is.

5:05 AM  

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