Monday, June 13, 2005

I knew everything would be fine

I picked her up at seven. I looked the best I could, wearing a new shirt and jeans. I smelled good, courtesy of Mr. Cole. The whole time I was getting ready, from cutting my hair to showering to dressing, I was nervous. Girls just to that to me.

I drove across town and down her street. Turning the music down to a lower level and picking a better song, I pulled into her driveway. I took the truck out of gear and engaged the parking brake. It was at this point that I started getting really nervous. Why? I don't really know. I guess because of the unknown, because of all that could happen, good and bad. Setting it all aside, I strode up her steps and knocked.

I heard her coming to the door, telling the dogs to hush and a smile crept across my face. I was about to do something, two weeks ago, I thought I'd never do. First, I was about to take a fairly random person out. Second, I was taking an older woman out, who was actually interested in going out with me. Third, I was taking a hot older woman out.

She opened the door an invited me in. She lives on the right side of a duplex, down a quiet residential street. Her living room is nice, a bit messy, but nice. I walked in and quickly surveyed the room as she got her things together. I asked her how her trip was and started what I hoped would be a good conversation to get the night started off right.

She finished getting ready and as we headed out the door, I asked her if Mellow Mushroom was fine with her. She said it was. As we walked out her door and down her stairs, she saw my truck and the license plate on the front. Upon seeing it she asked, "Are you from Washington?" I answered, giving her the usual reply that I respond with. After I'd finished, she said, "I just moved back from Oregon."

A minute later, I knew everything would be fine, and all my nervousness, the butterflies deep inside my gut seemed to melt away. Pulling up to the Shroom, they couldn't seat us right away so we sat down at the bar. She ordered a Rouge and I held off. A minute later they were ready to seat us and we settled into the cushions of a nice big booth, seated opposite of one another.

After ordering a Guinness, we kept talking. The conversation flowed really well. We moved from topic to topic, smoothly without any of those awkward silences you sometimes experience. Finally, we were forced to look at the menu. She seemed to have her eye on Chicken Thai Pizza. I would have settled for cheese or pepperoni, but not wanting to seem bland and boring, I decided to let her choose. She settled on the Chicken Thai, which turned out to be a stellar choice.

I had a great time over dinner. We spent nearly two hours in the restaurant. Finally, we decided to go. We got in the truck and trundled back over the city streets to her house. When we got there, I got out of the truck to walk her to the door, fully prepared to thank her for her company and say goodnight. I was hoping for an invite in, but as she walked up to the door, she just walked in without stopping.

Taking that as my cue to follow, I did. We greeted the dogs and settled down onto her plush couch. She flipped on the TV and we hung out, talking, playing with the dogs and intermittently paying attention to the TV. Somehow, the conversation moved to some pictures she had hanging up and that led to her showing me all the pictures hung throughout her house and telling me story behind each. She even showed me a lot of her traveling pictures. About 9:15, I asked her if I should go, knowing that she had to be up early for work this morning. She said it was cool for me to keep hanging out, because she doesn't go to sleep till ten.

We continued to watch TV and the conversation slowed. I was starting to get tired, and I could tell she was too. Not wanting to push my luck and wear out my welcome, about 9:40 I told her I should be going. Guiding me out, she leashed up her dogs to take them out too. I stood on the porch as she walked her dogs in the yard. She came back up on the porch and it was time to say goodnight.

She put the dogs inside and stepped back out. What I wanted to do was hug her and kiss her goodnight, but I didn't make the move. (I rarely seem to make the move. N kissed me before I kissed her. Other girls have kissed me before I've kissed them. I'm a weenie.) I said goodnight and she said thanks for dinner. I asked her if she would like to do it again sometime and she said yes.

The door closed and I turned for my truck. Getting in my truck, I was disappointed for not getting a kiss, but happy that I followed the advice given to me.

Overall, I think the night went well. The conversation was great. She was engaging, I was a good listener and there weren't any long breaks in what we talked about. I felt some chemistry with her, but I don't know what/how she felt for me. Maybe nothing. Hopefully something.

I want to take her out again. I think I'm going to give it a few days rest and call her midweek. Maybe for a movie this time?

Mood: Happy
Music: Warped Tour 2005


Blogger schmims said...

Now I understand why I have only had a date with two guys in the past year. It's not me. It's your kind.

Props on taking her to the Mush. I love that place. Highly recomend the Great White, add spinach and a Rogue Dead Guy. Mmmmm!

A little piece of advice. Take it or leave it. Don't wait until midweek to call. If you like her I think you do, call the next day. You're not in high school anymore. No need to play those little games. By waiting, you make her think you're not interested. Also, come up with something better than a movie. You can't interact unless you want to pull the old yawn and stretch move. Do something like take her dogs to the park for a walk. Any guy that is kind to my pets is so in. Any guy who is mean to my pets is on his way out the door.

6:50 AM  

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