Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh, The Pressure!

My boss has been pushing this "J asks the older girl out" thing a bit lately. The girl (haven't come up with a good pseudonym yet) came back from vacation yesterday morning and dropped her dogs off. During the course of conversation, which my boss struck up she found out that (again) the girl is single and on the lookout for a date. My boss said she would see what she could do to get her a date, meaning talk to me. Well, the girl seems interested, so that's good.

I come into work, later in the morning and get all the developments relayed to me. I wear a big smile across my face for the rest of the morning. Well, the girl comes back that evening to pick her dogs up, and again, my boss strikes up a conversation. This time, she is more direct in her questioning of whether or not she would like to go out with me. She asks, "So, how do you feel about dating younger men?" The girl responds, "How old is he?" My boss tells her that I'm 23, and the girls next question is, "Well, is he mature?" My boss (hopefully in a joking way) says "Sometimes yes, sometimes no."

So, this morning, I dropped by work to wash my scooter and get all the events from the evening relayed to me. Now, I'm informed, I HAVE to ask her out because she is now expecting it. Oh, The Pressure!

Another thing I find out is that the girl is planning to run in the weekly 5K this evening. So am I. Is the deal within striking distance? Will I somehow fuck it up? I don't know, but I hope not.

So, apparently, whether or not I want it to, it's going down tonight at the 5K. I'll be sure to report how it happens, good or bad later tonight.

Mood: Getting nervous (Ha, I'm such a dork!)
Music: None.


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