Monday, June 20, 2005

Schmims thinks Hot is hot

It seems that the incomparable Schmims finds herself in a bit of a situation she doesn't know what to make of. She's trying to figure things our my seeking my advice, and by extension, your advice too. As surefootedly as I'm entering into things with the Scientist, I haven't figured out why she thinks I might know, but lets give it a shot.

You can read the comment in it's entirety here.

Here's what I think, or at least some questions I have about it all.

The Tale: Condensed
Apparently, Schmims is friends with Durty Guy (Platonic? Let's assume.) Well, it seems that Durty Guy has a friend who is hot and aptly called in this tale, Hot. Schmims thinks Hot is hot (naturally). Serendipitously on Friday they both ended up meeting the Durty Guy at the bar. Sensing the impending hookup it looks like Durty Guy jetted. Schmims and Hot retire to Hot's house. Makeout ensues. Onto Saturday. Hot calls to see if Schmims wants to go to the fireworks, they end up back at his house. Makeout II ensues. Schmims hears nothing Sunday, Hot must have been busy.

The Opinion.
A few questions. What's the background of Hot? Is he known to be of the player type, only interested in booty/play? If so, it maybe that he was just looking for some action. But, that's not the gist that I'm getting from the tale. If I had to lay some money down on this, I'd bet that Hot is interested, if not just a little shy/nervous/intimidated. Personally, I'm all those things with the Scientist. Had it not been for my boss pushing me, I'd have never asked her out. Maybe Hot just needed some pushing from Durty Guy. After all, the 'You're hot' comment was well received, but there was no action for a few days.

I say just give it a day or two. Sure we're not it high school and there is no need to play these games anymore, but also maybe he was just busy, tired, whatever. I'd say, hold off tonight and see if he calls. If not, call him tomorrow, try to meet up. You're a clever girl, you'll know if he's interested or not.

Don't know if that helps, but it's my 2 cents.

Comment away!

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Edit: More on my adventures later...


Blogger schmims said...

Didn't call last night either. The Durty Guy talked to him yesterday after lunch and said that we hung out and that Hot laughed. Which is his response to most things.

I don't think he was after booty because he didn't try to touch anything that if exposed in pubic, could get me arrested.

4:54 AM  

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