Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the Scientist

Partially based on advice from Schmims as well as others, I decided to call her tonight. I decided to call her hoping to send the message, "Hey, I'm interested in you." I decided to call, because I haven't thought about much else than her and our dinner Sunday night sense then.

So I did. The plan was to ask her out for ice cream. A sort of spur of the moment sort of thing. Very casual, just "Hey, I've got a hankering for ice cream, you wanna join me?"

I went about my day, working, napping, volunteering (getting Bald Eagle shit in my mouth, *Puke), gardening, and playing video games. I called about 8. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. Dammit, voicemail.

I left a quick message basically saying, hey, just wanted to say hi, call me back. A while passed. About 9:20, my phone vibrated from across the room. I walked over, looking at the caller ID, it was her. Instant smile.

I picked up playing it cool. We talked for a moment, idle chit chat. Then I told her that the reason why I was calling was to see if she wanted to go out. She politely declined, as I thought she might, given the hour, but suggested we do it some other night. Score! I asked her about her weekend schedule (planned trip) and told her about my leaving town next week for 10 days. Not coming to an obvious time about when to go out and not wanting to draw the conversation out unnaturally, I asked her if she would be at the run tomorrow night. She said yes. I asked her if we could discuss it then. She agreed.

That's where it stands, for now.

Oh, I came up with a good pseudonym for her. The other night at dinner, she referred to herself as a scientist several times. And rightfully so, she is after all a forensic scientist. Anyway, from now on, she will be known as the Scientist, not just as 'the girl'. I've already got one of those that I write about, no need for two, that would just be confusing.

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