Saturday, June 11, 2005

Shaking Like a Lead -- Part. II

Shaking Like a Lead -- Part. II

I spent the rest of the morning practically on cloud nine.

For some reason though, I have tried to keep all of this hidden from N. I haven't discussed the situation with my bosses in front of her, but I don't know if she has caught wind of it by other means.

Back on topic... I got off work yesterday afternoon and was sort of hanging around thinking about things. I realized that Sunday is N's birthday, and I told her I wanted to cook her dinner Monday. So, that ruled out Monday for the night out with the girl. Tuesday would be the next option, but that just seemed like too long to wait. Dammit I'm eager.

So, sitting around, early last night, I decided to call her and see if she wanted to get dinner Sunday evening. I was a little worried about calling her because I said I wouldn't call till Sunday, but I threw caution to the wind and dialed anyway.

She picked up and I said hi. With the weather being inclement, she decided to leave town early and was on the road. She didn't seem annoyed by my call which was good. We agreed to dinner on Sunday and I got directions to her place so I can pick her up.

That was that. So, next time I see/speak with her will be tomorrow at seven when I pick her up. I've decided to take her to Mellow Mushroom, the thinking being that it is a fun place to eat, but not too fancy to be uncomfortable. The goal being to try and keep things nice, fun and casual.

I hope things go well tomorrow night and I don't come off as too big a dork. I'm armed with plenty of 'safe' topics for conversation, so hopefully a good time will be had. While I was at work today, I asked my boss if she had any advice for me. She replied:

  1. Don't talk about N (I wouldn't anyway, I do have some sense).
  2. Don't do anything immature (This was one of the girl's concerns dating a younger guy).
  3. Don't sleep with her on the first date, no matter how desperate you or she might be.
Sound advice I think, don't you?

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