Saturday, June 11, 2005

Shaking like a leaf.

It happened Friday morning...

We knew that the girl would be coming into the store on Friday morning, as she always does to bring her dogs to daycare. The problem was, I wasn't scheduled until 8, and she drops her pups off around 7:15. To rememdy this problem, my boss ordered me to be there at 6:30 to help open the store.

As instructed, I got to work early and proceeded with the morning chores to get the store ready to open. Come seven, when it was time to open, I was instructed to come and help up front, running dogs and 'whatever' might come up. Not a usual assignment for me but knowing who was coming in, I'd take it.

After the first wave of customers came and went, we entered a lull and I began to get nervous. I was determined not to face the regret that I felt on Wednesday night again. This morning was going to be the morning, Yes or no, like it or not, I was going to do it.

My boss pulled the dogs cards and handed them to me. She said, "As soon as she pulls up, I'm going to the back and you are going to be left up here by yourself. You'd better do it, or I'll do it for you."

That was it, no backing out now. I saw her silver SUV pull up and my heart really started to race. I don't know why I was so nervous, but girls have always made me exteremly nervous. I don't take rejection well, and I have faced my share in the past; it's not something that I seek to experience on a regular basis.

She got out of her truck and gathered her dogs. Just when I thought she was going to come in, she walked across the storefront across the parking lot to let her dogs go to the bathroom. Another minute to run through the lines I had been rehearsing.

Then, coming back there she was. Looking great, nice skirt, cute top, hot as always. As she came in, I walked up from the back of the store where I had been pacing. I greeted her and took the leads from her. As I walked her pups into daycare, I told her to stick around for a second and that I'd be right back.

By now, it seemed like I was shaking like a leaf. I tried to get the collars off the dogs and fumbled. I hoped she wasn't watching, hoped she didn't realize I was taking so long because I was nervous. Finally, I got the dogs put away and their leashes in the cubby hole.

Taking a deep breath, I left daycare and headed back into the store. I approached her and asked her if she was busy this weekend -- Would you like to go for a run or maybe grab some lunch one day? -- She said yes, that she'd like to. She went on to say that she was going out of town, but free that night.

Taken aback, I missed my chance to take her out that night. We agreed that we would try and do something early in the week. After a little more converstion, she left.

I walked back to the office where my bosses had been watching the whole thing unfold from behind a window with miniblinds. As I rounded the corner, I had the biggest smile on my face that I've had in months.

The rest of the morning was spent discussing potential plans for the tentativly agreed upon date.

There is more to tell, but I have to go back to work, so you'll just have to wait a while. Check back soon for the conclusion.

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