Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thanks Jim Cantore, you douche.

I am convinced that the weathermen have no fucking clue what they are doing. Nancy Gribble from King of the Hill has more weather sense than a lot of the weather men (and women) doing my forecasting.

Sister and I were supposed to go to Carowinds today. You know, some good bonding over rollercoaster time. Mom was even going to shell out the 70 bucks to get us in the door. It rained from the time I got up yesterday until about 2 pm. We checked the weather late last night and it looked as if it would be raining again when we got up today. Then, it was supposed to thunderstorm for the afternoon. With that kind of forecast, I don't think anybody would have risked going.

So we didn't. No rollercoaster thrill rides for me today and what happens, as usual, the weather men were fucking wrong. Fuck the weather(men). It's not exaclty sunny, but its certainly not raining either. We could have gone and had a great time but no. Thanks Jim Cantore, you douche.

Mood: pissed
Music: Boys Night Out


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