Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We have a scythe laying around somewhere.

Ah, a day off with practically nothing to do. I woke up pretty early this morning like I would on a normal work day. After feeding Thumbs and a quick walk with the beagle, I headed over to work.

I went to work so I could use the hose and scrub brush to was the scooter, much better than going to the car wash and shelling out untold amounts of quarters when I could do it for free. While I was at work, I learned that there have been more interesting developments in the "J asks the older girl out" saga. Good developments that will be discussed in depth later in the day.

After returning from work, I decided to head out to the garden. Prior to yesterday, I hadn't visited the garden since my trip to see J2. It was a mess too. Weeds are taking over, but after my efforts last night and this morning.

My roommate just ran in and yelled something at me. Quickly pausing the music, I was able to hear what he was saying. Apparently, he left his windows all the way down in his truck and how has a completely wet interior as well as puddles in his floorboard. Right as he was telling me this I thought to myself, "Oh fuck, my window is down too!"

Throwing on some sandals and my rainjacket, I grabbed a towel and headed outside. Sure enough, my window was partially down and my interior wet. I quickly rolled up the window, dried off the vinyl and put the towel down on the floor to soak up some of the water and headed back in. The downpour continues as I type.
End Sidenote
Back to our regularly scheduled post.

Anyway, with my efforts last night and this moring, things are looking much better. There are still a few sections that need some serious work, but all in all, it's much better than it was.

The section between where I drive up and the garden doesn't get bushhogged like the rest of the field, so the grass has gotten quite high. Over four feet in some cases. I've been trying to get my roommate to get me a loaner weedeater so I could knock it all down, but he has been unable to locate one so far.

When I was out volunteering yesterday, I realized that we have a scythe laying around somewhere. It's usually used for cutting down the weeds in the outside aviaries, so as not to freak the birds out with buzzing engines. After a bit of a search, I finally found it and threw it in the back of my truck.

Last night, I took the tall grass to task with my newly aquired tool. It works pretty good, but I do think the blade needs to be sharpened. The grass was damn thick in a lot of places so it worked me up into a good sweat as well and providing a good workout. I'm not even done yet though, there is still a good bit left to do. The work never ends. Espeically with all the rain we have had of late, it has been great for the garden, but also for the weeds.

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