Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Yep, no plans"

I was walking through Walmart, picking up supplies for my upcoming trip when my phone buzzed in my pocket. Bringing me out of the trance that the many choices of tuna had put me into, I reached in and pulled out my phone.

Looking at the caller ID, I realized it was the Scientist. Just as I had hoped/suspected, she called me today. While I picked out a box of Mac and Cheese, we chatted about the weekend. As I walked towards the sporting goods I asked her if she was free tonight, "Yep, no plans" came the reply. Excellent.

I suggest a movie rental. Great she says, she already has one, care of Netflix. Alright, I'll be there after seven.

Rockin. I'll let you know how it goes, maybe a happy ending?

Mood: Gitty
Music: Nickel Creek


Blogger schmims said...

HELP! I've got a "what does this mean?" for you. And I though you'd be a good person to ask since you're kind of in the same situation as I am but in the reverse role.

So a few weeks ago I was out with the Durty Guy and Downtown Girl at Lupi's pizza. Earlier that day they had been at the Durty Guy's house and (for obvious reasons we'll call him) Hot stopped by to hang out, this being the first time Downtown Girl had met him. They all made psudo plans to hang out that evening. So Hot called while we were eating pizza and came and met us. This was the first time I met Hot. Before he got there, Downtown Girl was bad mouthing him, saying "he's so 18!" He's 23 and we're just not that young anymore, 27. Hot was going to meet some of his friends and Downtown Girl tagged along. You must understand this about Downtown Girl, she needs the attention of every male within a ten mile radius. You think I kid, but I so am not. This is in no way an exaggeration.

So the next week I told Downtown Girl I thought Hot was hot, and she in turn told the Durty Guy (complaining that she saw him first and that she just didn't think she could trust me), who in turn told Hot. The Durty Guy told me my comment was well received by Hot and left it at that.

Friday night I called the Durty Guy to see if he wanted to grab a beer later. He already had plans to hang with the guys. Ten minutes later Hot called to see if I wanted to come meet him (at the suggestion of the Durty Guy who also turned Hot down for a beer). I told him it would be about 9:00/10:00 because I had some stuff to finish up. So I called later and he was going to see a band, which I opted out of since I saw 80 bands last week at Bonnaroo. Hot said he didn't think I was going to call. I ended up meeting the Durty Guy at Northshore. Hot ended up showing up. The Durty Guy left. Hot asked if I wanted to go back to his house. We left. After a LONG time we finally kissed.

Saturday night he called to see if I wanted to go watch the fireworks show with him. Afterward I suggested getting a beer somewhere. He suggested watching a movie. A brief makeout session followed.

Didn't hear from him yesterday so I called yesterday evening to see if he wanted to hang out. He was out at a suprise engagement party for his friend.

So what is he thinking? The fireworks thing was good right? You don't just ask anyone to go do that. But then he didn't call yesterday. Is he interested? Or is he just asking because the Durty Guy is pushing him to and he's too nice to say no. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

6:52 AM  

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