Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You will be with me

I decided to send the Scientist a quick text telling her good luck in her 5K race this evening. This is the conversation that followed. Just thought I'd share.

J: Have a good race!
Scientist: I'm not running, it's raining and I'm tired.
J: Oh, well enjoy your night off. It rained here all morning, so I ran this evening.
Scientist: Got any plans this weekend besides work?
J: Nope, you?
Scientist: Friend in B'ham. May go for a night. Join me?
J: I dont' know what my work schedule is, but if I can I'll go. Will it be fun?
Scientist: Of course, you will be with me ;-)
J: What night are you thinking of going?
Scientist: Don't know yet.
J: Ok, We'll discuss over dinner Thursday.

Yeah, things are looking up.

Mood: Happy
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Blogger schmims said...

Go get em tiger! Grrrr!

5:14 AM  

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