Monday, July 25, 2005

The point of concern

My roommate (The Guy) was home during the middle of the day today, as was I. This was a pretty rare occurrence since he has class as well as works and I work morning through midday most days.

I noticed on one of my trips to the kitchen that he had one of my fancy pint glasses our and was mixing a stiff drink. At this point, it was only about 11:00 in the morning. I commented on his choice of beverage given the hour and went back to what I was doing in my room. Later, I made a sandwich and ate in the living room with him as he watched the Amityville Horror on one of the hundreds of movie channels that we get. I noticed that he had another stiff drink at hand.

Eventually, we conversed about why he was home during the middle of the day anyway. He said he was skipping class but had a lab to go to later in the afternoon. I didn't think much of it, but later after he had left for class, I went into the kitchen and found this bottle of bourbon on the counter. Turns out that the Guy had drank all this before class, pretty much between the hours of 11 and 1:30. I've reached the point of concern with him because this isn't typical the Guy behavior, I think he has been hanging out with my Redneck roommate too much lately.

I hope he bombed his quiz because he was shitfaced.

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Edit: The guys on the Blogger team deserve a big pat on the back for the new photo upload feature. Before, with Picasa, it was a bit of a pain in the ass to get a photo on the blog, but now it's easy. Then again, you might have guessed that with the number of photos that I've been featuring lately.

UPDATE: The Guy just rolled back in. I went out to the living room and he has another stiff drink. He has finished the bottle of Evan Williams and has now started on a fifth of Old Forrester. He actually went back to the ABC store to procure more bourbon for the evening. This is very uncharacteristic behavior, although it might help explain the parking. He admitted to me that he went to class shitfaced.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'd egg both their cars.

Recently, my roommates have decided that it is too difficult and far too much effort to park like the rest of the world. You know, pulling straight and fully into one space, a space meant to house one vehicle, pretty much regardless of size.

Their rationale behind such blatant disregard for proper parking procedures stems from their view that 'no one parks in those spaces anyway.' That's far from true. I don't park in these spaces, so I'm not directly affected, but if I were anyone else in the building or a nearby building, I'd egg both their cars. Their parking is so bad, you'd think they work at Yahoo!

I just don't know where they get off thinking this is a good idea or not even realizing that this is so downright lazy/discourteous. At least one is moving out at the end of the week. The $100 extra rent I will have to pay will be worth it just not having to put up with his shenanigans.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Going with my button theme that I have been playing with lately, I have been trying to find a button to add to my existing ones. So far, I haven't had any luck, but I did find a way to display an RSS feed directly on a webpage. So I've added a small section on the sidebar called Recent Basically what happens is, my RSS feed is polled occasionally and displayed on the sidebar.

This will give you readers, a chance to see all the things I've been linking to recently through I'm not sure that I like the layout, it's pretty simple and doesn't really match the rest of the blog, but for now I'm going with it.

Any feedback?

Lit ablaze in all its glory.

Wednesday night, we had a pretty rough storm roll through town. The bottom dropped out as the Scientist, my Dad and I left Mellow Mushroom. Since my Dad and I had to driven into town in the rental car, my truck was still parked out at work, across the interstate. After saying goodbye, my Dad and I headed out to drop me off and for him to head back to Atlanta.

The field in the middle of the shopping center where I work has this massive old Oak Tree that is lit from below at night. It's a quite impressive tree, especially at night when it is lit ablaze in all its glory. The lightning was pretty spectacular Wednesday and I just happened to have my camera, so I thought I'd try to get some good shots. Turns out that I got a few good ones. I had some really, really nice ones, but the lightning was so big that it over exposed the picture and pretty much blew it out until it was mostly white with no definition in the sky.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Earlier this week, I found out that my Dad was in Atlanta taking a class. I invited him down tonight to see me run as well as go to dinner. I asked the Scientist if she wanted to join us and as I figured she would she said yes.

Dad got in early and was hanging out at work for a few minutes before I got off. Trying to give him something to do rather than stand around like a dork, I sent him to the gas station for a Powerade. While he was gone, N came in to work to help close down and finish out the day. Shortly after N arrived, the Scientist came in to pick up her dogs. Then, Dad pulled up from the gas station. It was really wierd to be standing 20 feet away from a collision of worlds and having no control over the situation.

N my old girlfriend was helping the Scientist, my new girlfriend with her dogs. Wierd. My Dad who knows N well, but doesn't know (only learned of her today) the Scientist is about to walk in and create the most awkward moment ever. Wierd. N knows about the Scientist, but the Scientist doesn't know the full story about me and N. Wierd. N is intimidated by my Dad and thinks he doesn't like her even though he does. Wierd. And there I am, in the next room, watching all of this through a plate glass window, as if I'm in a fishbowl hoping it all doesn't explode in my face. I return to picking up poo and mopping pee hoping to God that things turn out alright.

They did, no visible awkwardness ensued. Thank goodness.

I ran and did well. 20:05. The heat was killer and pretty much slowed everyones times about 30 seconds from last week, so I was right on pace. Dinner was good, went to Mellow Mushroom and had a great time. My Dad did ask all the stupid CSI questions of the Scientist that everyone she meets asks her. I asked too when I met her.

There was a spectacular lightning storm here in town this evening and I have photographic evidence to prove it. More on that later...

Paying attention to detail.

Last night at work, some shit hit the fan. A dog was sent home with the wrong owner, another one almost was and two dogs were brought up covered in poo. Sunday two other dogs were sent home covered in pee and last week, a dog almost escaped. The only reason we caught it was because it stopped to take a shit.

There were also a few other things that happened last night that sent my boss over the edge. This morning when I went in, everyone was in a pissy mood, mostly because the boss was pissed over last night. She called an emergency, mandatory meeting for tonight so she could chew our asses out.

This morning about nine, after things had cooled down, ever so slightly, we found these two notes posted on the fridge in the kitchen. My take is basically, it is well intentioned and most of the things she mentions are true, but I don't know that the implementation of a fining system is really the answer.

The real point of me posting these pictures is this. In the first note, she rants about paying attention to detail. As I read it, I scanned it, paying attention to detail. Then, I moved onto the second one. You will notice, that when read carefully, the notes have grammatical mistakes -- for instance the most glaring one is found on the second page. She writes, "ask if not sure what dog you are suppose to get" (See Red Arrow)

When I read that, I almost fell out on the floor laughing. Here my boss is, ranting and threatening to fine our asses for not paying attention to detail, and she has made a glaring grammatical mistake in her rant note. How fucking Ironic is that? I thought about calling her ass out on it, tonight at the meeting. It would have been a perfect example of how we are all human and all make mistakes including her. But, she probably would have fired me on the spot for it, so I kept my mouth shut and decided to humiliate her online, anonymously, for you. Hope you enjoyed.

On a side and only slightly related note, we have a Bernese Mountain dog staying with us right now. She's really sweet and pretty damn cute, the only problem is, that she only speaks German. Yeah, that's right, the dog only speaks German and doesn't know any English commands.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Do you remember when?

Do you remember when I wrote this essay (worth a read) back in February? Well coming through Sharpreader this evening was an entry over at that explores some of the exact same topics. There is even an article in The New York Times that discusses it.

Hot Damn! I think it's pretty cool that I wrote about this months ago and now some others are starting the discussion too.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Running with a load in my pants.

The Scientist and I went out to Applebee's for dinner as planned. After returning to her house and tying up a few loose ends, I headed home to rest for a while and then head out for a run.

I thought that I had let dinner settle enough and it wouldn't be an issue for the run, but as I crested the first hill and crossed my first intersection, I realized that this was not the case. Several minutes later, not five minutes into my run the first cramp developed. I was able to tough it out and run through the pain though.

About twenty minutes into my run, I finally felt on top of my game. My stomach was still full, but at least the cramps had subsided. I made the turn around for home at the twenty six minute mark and was feeling good. By the time I got within a mile and a half of home though it felt as though the lump that was my dinner had shifted from its comfortable resting place in my stomach to well down in the basement of my bowels. By the time I was within a half mile of home, it felt as though I was running with a load in my pants. Of course that wasn't the case,but it sure felt that way.

I made it home without incident and learned a fairly valuable lesson. Let dinner completely settle before heading out on a fifty two minute run. You'll thank yourself later. At least dinner was Applebee's and not mexican. I suppose things could have ended a lot messier...

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From my trip.

Here is one of the better pictures from my trip. This was taken on the first day, just past the summit of Roan Mountain. It was actually one of the best panoramas that I came across. For the most part, the trail was heavily forested and leafed and it was impossible to get good views of the surrounding landscape.

The importance of rubbing one out

Dinner was pretty fun on Friday night. The wings weren't bad and the brews were great (One Guinness and two Killians). I was hoping to perform better on the trivia, but it was not to be and the Scientist and I usually finished near the bottom of the pack.

The company was good. I think her work friends thought I was alright, which is good. After dinner, we came by my apartment, picked up my beagle and headed to her house to sleep. Even though I was pretty tired, not much sleeping took place. I did however forget the importance of rubbing one out in the afternoon to prolong the pleasure of the evening. Consequently, my performance was short of what I was hoping for leading to some dissapointment.

I got up early, today on my day off, and went into work to do some off the clock work for my boss. Then I helped N take a load of moving boxes to the storage unit in preparation for her big move next week. Right now, I'm just hanging out enjoying the afternoon before I go over to see the Scientist. This afternoon, we have a walk to the park with the pups planned and then a casual dinner at Applebee's. I doubt I'll stay over tonight because I still need to run this evening (took yesterday off) and I have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning.

This summer, my last ever, is going by way too fast and I am not enjoying it near as much as I should. I spend too much damn time working and not enough time by the pool. At least I'm getting leid though.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

About having a cockpitless vehicle

Today was a pretty good day. It was full of highs and lows. I experienced first hand the best part about having my scooter as transportation as well as one of the worst parts. I got up at the butt crack of dawn (5:20) this morning to head to work. The weather was nice at the time, so I took the scoot as I typically do. By the time nine oclock rolled around, it was pouring and continued to pour until late afternoon. I got off at one and was forced to endure the ride across town with rain soaking my jeans and scrubs and stinging the fuck out of my hands and arms. Being caught, unprepared in the rain, on the scooter is no fun and one of the worst parts about having a cockpitless vehicle.

This afternoon I got in the mail my insurance statement from Progressive. My policy is up for renewal on August 13 and they wanted me to go ahead and renew now. Then I looked at the renwewal cost. $75. Damn that's awfully steep, especially for the whole year. At least I knew the bill was coming soon and I had a chance to save up. Seventy five dollar insurance for an entire year, that's one of the best parts about owning the scooter.

This evening I'm going out with the Scientist and her workmates for trivia, wings and brews. I'm sure it will be fun. I just with the afterparty would be more fun. I don't think it will be much fun though, apparently Aunt Flo is in town. It's nice when she gets here, always a relief, but damn she wears out her welcome quckly.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'll share a little.

Do you want to know how big a dork I am? I'm sure you do, so I'll share a little. I've always been a dork/geek/nerd and until recently haven't been ok with it. In high school I tried to hide the fact that I was a nerd by trying to fit in and be one of the 'cool kids'. It didn't work so well, I was still percieved as a dork anyway. Well, in the last few years I've become ok with myself and now I embrace my geekiness, for better or worse.

This brings me to a quick story to illustrate my point. Recently with the nice weather I have been riding the scooter quite a bit. It's much more econimical on gas than the truck is, plus it's fun this time of year. One one section of road near my home, it always seems to be late evening as I ride through a stretch of open grassy area. The sun sets in the west glowing orange much like the twin suns of Tatooine. I always look to the right and see my shadow dragging across the sidewalk and grass and think of Luke or Anakin. As I throttle up, I pretend I am one of them, speeding across the desert of Tatooine on a speeder. I'm a dork.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I added a cool little Feedburner button so now you and I can see exactly how many people are (more like aren't) reading Backside 180 via my feedburner feed.

Let's see if we can drastically change things and make that number hit, Oh, I don't know, maybe five or so.

So, if you haven't, point your favorite RSS reader here and subscribe to my feed.

I don't want to be broken down

After work this morning, I had my whole afternoon planned out. A full afternoon of doing nothing, that's right. Nothing. The plan was to come home, make PB&J for lunch, do some internettin and then watch the space shuttle launch. After that exhillarating batch of tv, the plan was to nap until I had to return to work.

Well everything went well except for the space shuttle. No launch, they scrubbed with a few hours left on the countdown, and shot my whole afternoon to hell.

Five oclock finally came and I headed back to work. After doing my hour and a half worth of dog shit cleaning, I was done and ready for the race. The weather was really nice this evening and almost perfect for racing. It was slightly overcast so that the sun wasn't beating down and relativly cool at 78 degrees.

I don't know exactly how I was expecting to run. I've been slacking a little since I got back at the begining of the month and not putting as many miles in as I was. I thought I'd probably run in the mid 20:00, not bad but not a PR either. As the race progressed, things were going well. I was running strong and keeping up with the lead pack. Halfway through as the pack began to break up, I stayed strong and eventually lost the guy who was tailing me coming up the last big hill.

As I rounded the last corner chasing down the guy in front of me, I saw that the clock was reading 19:30. I crossed the finish in tenth (of 86) at 19:36. A new PR and almost 40 seconds faster that my previous PR on the same course three weeks ago. I got my goal of sub 20:00 and now have two weeks left to hit my goal of sub 19:00.

The Scientist wasn't at the run tonight because of the police academy. When I called her she told me that basically the day went horribly and that she didn't think she could do it. I told her I'd be over shortly. I went over to comfort her and make her some dinner. Pad Thai. We sat on the couch and commiserated while she ate. I eventually left to come home and go to sleep.

The following is and exerpt from a mass email she sent out this evening explaining her decision:

Well, I trained for the physical part of the academy and although I failed the run today (I know I have been working so hard on that but it was brutally hot today at 1:30 this afternoon) and know I would have passed on my second try I decided to not continue. I knew that the mental part of the academy would be hard and I knew that all my preparation would not help with that. I just can't bring myself to continue with something that stresses me out so much for such a long time, especially since it doesn't affect my job. I was never going to carry a gun or flash my badge. They said they were going to "break you down" and they "might bring you back up." I don't want to be broken down. I am too old and too happy with who I am to go through all of that shit.

I'm still proud of her even though she isn't going to continue. We have plans to go out Friday night with her friends from work. We are going to play trivia with Cold Brews at a local wing place. I'm looking forward to it but a little nervous about meeting her coworkers.

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I do find it comical.

The Scientist started the Police Academy today. I'm not sure how the first day went, but I'm sure she will fill me in tonight when I see her at the 5K. Things are going pretty good between us. She seems to really dig me and I like her as well. In fact, one of the interesting things has been that she has told her family, coworkers and the other people in the running club about us. I don't really mind, I just find it interesting.

As you might expect, people are picking up on the age difference (six years) thing and trying to make a big deal about it. Her Mom doesn't seem to thing it's that big a deal but has taken to calling me 'the youngin.' Apparently the folks at work are taking her to task about it and giving her a pretty good ribbing. Around the lab, I'm referred to as 'Junior.' Then, apparently she has coined her own nicknames for me which include the 'young pup' and her 'boy toy.'

I think all of it is in good fun, and none of it really bothers me too much, but I do find it comical.

Tonight will be my first 5K back after the AT trip and visiting my parents. I didn't run last week because of weather. I'm pretty nervous about how it will turn out. I don't think I'll be able to match my previous time, but hopefully I'll run well. I just wish it weren't so damn hot and steamy out. I've been trying to hydrate all day and had a nice healthy lunch. Maybe that will help.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stick it to the man

So far, it's been a nice lazy moring waiting on Dennis to come and unleash his wrath upon us. Care of Nootropic, I've decided to add a few little buttons to Backside 180. I doubt anybody will click them, but that's not really the point. I don't know that there really is a point other than one more little way to stick it to the man. So, enjoy the new buttons, and also note that Schmims appears in the links list.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'll try to do better

Things are going good with the Scientist. Since I've been back, we have started to see each other pretty frequently and are past the 'dating' stage. Although we haven't really discussed it in explicit details, I guess you might say we are together. I'm not sure how serious she considers the relationship, but I like her, so we will see where it goes.

Other than that I have just pretty much been working my ass off. I've worked 8 days in a row, so my day off tomorrow will be a welcome respite from the rigors of bathing dogs and cleaning up shitpiss all day.

N had a hard time getting over the idea of me seeing someone else. I now understand that she is one of those girls who has the mentality of "I don't want to be with you, but I don't want you with anyone else either." She had a few cryouts at the begining of the week, but she seems to be doing better with the whole situation now. She has a date tonight, and I hope she has fun.

I know I have been a pretty disappointing blogger lately. So much stuff has happened that would have made some epic blogging material, but I have had a hard time finding/making time to sit down at the computer and transcribe it all for your reading pleasure. I'll try to do better, promise. For now though, I sleep.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Very little detail.

When I got back to town from my vacation home to see my parents, I had no idea what was in store for me. The past week has been absolutely nuts. Rather than drawing it out and spending an inordiate amount of time catching you up, I think I'll just post quick hits about what's been going on.

  • I've been working like a slave, 8 days in a row in fact.
  • Things are going good with the Scientist. We dig each other and have been seeing each other often.
  • N isn't taking the fact that I'm dating the Scientist very well. This is all after she dumped the Dude.
  • J2 got leid, let's give it up for him.
  • The terrorists still suck.
  • I'm finding it very hard to try and balance all my obligations and to sleep too.
  • In the last week, I have had 2 full nights of sleep.
  • Taking more than a week off from running is a bad idea. I got home and was out of shape. Now, I'm working to get back where I was, as far as my fitness level is concerned.
Ok, that's pretty much it, in very little detail. Tonight, I have to go back to work for a few hours, but then the Scientist and I are planning on going out. Where, I'm not sure. I think we might go have some Thai for dinner and then I'm sure we will end up at her house. From there, you'll just have to wait and let me recount the tail tomorrow...

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Damn, since I have gotten back, it has been nothing but one thing after another. I've been so busy, it isn't even funny. I promise some more content soon, Lots of blogworthy stuff has happened, I just am to busy to type it all up. The wait will be worth it though...