Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I do find it comical.

The Scientist started the Police Academy today. I'm not sure how the first day went, but I'm sure she will fill me in tonight when I see her at the 5K. Things are going pretty good between us. She seems to really dig me and I like her as well. In fact, one of the interesting things has been that she has told her family, coworkers and the other people in the running club about us. I don't really mind, I just find it interesting.

As you might expect, people are picking up on the age difference (six years) thing and trying to make a big deal about it. Her Mom doesn't seem to thing it's that big a deal but has taken to calling me 'the youngin.' Apparently the folks at work are taking her to task about it and giving her a pretty good ribbing. Around the lab, I'm referred to as 'Junior.' Then, apparently she has coined her own nicknames for me which include the 'young pup' and her 'boy toy.'

I think all of it is in good fun, and none of it really bothers me too much, but I do find it comical.

Tonight will be my first 5K back after the AT trip and visiting my parents. I didn't run last week because of weather. I'm pretty nervous about how it will turn out. I don't think I'll be able to match my previous time, but hopefully I'll run well. I just wish it weren't so damn hot and steamy out. I've been trying to hydrate all day and had a nice healthy lunch. Maybe that will help.

Mood: Nervous
Music: Warped Tour 2005


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