Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I don't want to be broken down

After work this morning, I had my whole afternoon planned out. A full afternoon of doing nothing, that's right. Nothing. The plan was to come home, make PB&J for lunch, do some internettin and then watch the space shuttle launch. After that exhillarating batch of tv, the plan was to nap until I had to return to work.

Well everything went well except for the space shuttle. No launch, they scrubbed with a few hours left on the countdown, and shot my whole afternoon to hell.

Five oclock finally came and I headed back to work. After doing my hour and a half worth of dog shit cleaning, I was done and ready for the race. The weather was really nice this evening and almost perfect for racing. It was slightly overcast so that the sun wasn't beating down and relativly cool at 78 degrees.

I don't know exactly how I was expecting to run. I've been slacking a little since I got back at the begining of the month and not putting as many miles in as I was. I thought I'd probably run in the mid 20:00, not bad but not a PR either. As the race progressed, things were going well. I was running strong and keeping up with the lead pack. Halfway through as the pack began to break up, I stayed strong and eventually lost the guy who was tailing me coming up the last big hill.

As I rounded the last corner chasing down the guy in front of me, I saw that the clock was reading 19:30. I crossed the finish in tenth (of 86) at 19:36. A new PR and almost 40 seconds faster that my previous PR on the same course three weeks ago. I got my goal of sub 20:00 and now have two weeks left to hit my goal of sub 19:00.

The Scientist wasn't at the run tonight because of the police academy. When I called her she told me that basically the day went horribly and that she didn't think she could do it. I told her I'd be over shortly. I went over to comfort her and make her some dinner. Pad Thai. We sat on the couch and commiserated while she ate. I eventually left to come home and go to sleep.

The following is and exerpt from a mass email she sent out this evening explaining her decision:

Well, I trained for the physical part of the academy and although I failed the run today (I know I have been working so hard on that but it was brutally hot today at 1:30 this afternoon) and know I would have passed on my second try I decided to not continue. I knew that the mental part of the academy would be hard and I knew that all my preparation would not help with that. I just can't bring myself to continue with something that stresses me out so much for such a long time, especially since it doesn't affect my job. I was never going to carry a gun or flash my badge. They said they were going to "break you down" and they "might bring you back up." I don't want to be broken down. I am too old and too happy with who I am to go through all of that shit.

I'm still proud of her even though she isn't going to continue. We have plans to go out Friday night with her friends from work. We are going to play trivia with Cold Brews at a local wing place. I'm looking forward to it but a little nervous about meeting her coworkers.

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