Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'll share a little.

Do you want to know how big a dork I am? I'm sure you do, so I'll share a little. I've always been a dork/geek/nerd and until recently haven't been ok with it. In high school I tried to hide the fact that I was a nerd by trying to fit in and be one of the 'cool kids'. It didn't work so well, I was still percieved as a dork anyway. Well, in the last few years I've become ok with myself and now I embrace my geekiness, for better or worse.

This brings me to a quick story to illustrate my point. Recently with the nice weather I have been riding the scooter quite a bit. It's much more econimical on gas than the truck is, plus it's fun this time of year. One one section of road near my home, it always seems to be late evening as I ride through a stretch of open grassy area. The sun sets in the west glowing orange much like the twin suns of Tatooine. I always look to the right and see my shadow dragging across the sidewalk and grass and think of Luke or Anakin. As I throttle up, I pretend I am one of them, speeding across the desert of Tatooine on a speeder. I'm a dork.


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...with a capital "D"!

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