Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lit ablaze in all its glory.

Wednesday night, we had a pretty rough storm roll through town. The bottom dropped out as the Scientist, my Dad and I left Mellow Mushroom. Since my Dad and I had to driven into town in the rental car, my truck was still parked out at work, across the interstate. After saying goodbye, my Dad and I headed out to drop me off and for him to head back to Atlanta.

The field in the middle of the shopping center where I work has this massive old Oak Tree that is lit from below at night. It's a quite impressive tree, especially at night when it is lit ablaze in all its glory. The lightning was pretty spectacular Wednesday and I just happened to have my camera, so I thought I'd try to get some good shots. Turns out that I got a few good ones. I had some really, really nice ones, but the lightning was so big that it over exposed the picture and pretty much blew it out until it was mostly white with no definition in the sky.

Mood: Jolly!
Music: Boys Night Out


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