Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Paying attention to detail.

Last night at work, some shit hit the fan. A dog was sent home with the wrong owner, another one almost was and two dogs were brought up covered in poo. Sunday two other dogs were sent home covered in pee and last week, a dog almost escaped. The only reason we caught it was because it stopped to take a shit.

There were also a few other things that happened last night that sent my boss over the edge. This morning when I went in, everyone was in a pissy mood, mostly because the boss was pissed over last night. She called an emergency, mandatory meeting for tonight so she could chew our asses out.

This morning about nine, after things had cooled down, ever so slightly, we found these two notes posted on the fridge in the kitchen. My take is basically, it is well intentioned and most of the things she mentions are true, but I don't know that the implementation of a fining system is really the answer.

The real point of me posting these pictures is this. In the first note, she rants about paying attention to detail. As I read it, I scanned it, paying attention to detail. Then, I moved onto the second one. You will notice, that when read carefully, the notes have grammatical mistakes -- for instance the most glaring one is found on the second page. She writes, "ask if not sure what dog you are suppose to get" (See Red Arrow)

When I read that, I almost fell out on the floor laughing. Here my boss is, ranting and threatening to fine our asses for not paying attention to detail, and she has made a glaring grammatical mistake in her rant note. How fucking Ironic is that? I thought about calling her ass out on it, tonight at the meeting. It would have been a perfect example of how we are all human and all make mistakes including her. But, she probably would have fired me on the spot for it, so I kept my mouth shut and decided to humiliate her online, anonymously, for you. Hope you enjoyed.

On a side and only slightly related note, we have a Bernese Mountain dog staying with us right now. She's really sweet and pretty damn cute, the only problem is, that she only speaks German. Yeah, that's right, the dog only speaks German and doesn't know any English commands.


Blogger schmims said...

How can you take home the wrong dog? I'm mean you bring in a german shepard and leave with a boston terrier. Shouldn't the owner realize that, hey this doesn't quite look like the dog I brought in? His own dumbass' fault for not recognizing his own dog.

5:12 AM  
Blogger J said...

In all fairness, the dog that was mistakenly taken home was the same breed as the owners dog. The same color in fact, but still that's no excuse. You really ought to know your dog from any other random dog, even if they are the same breed.

9:01 PM  

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