Friday, July 08, 2005

Very little detail.

When I got back to town from my vacation home to see my parents, I had no idea what was in store for me. The past week has been absolutely nuts. Rather than drawing it out and spending an inordiate amount of time catching you up, I think I'll just post quick hits about what's been going on.

  • I've been working like a slave, 8 days in a row in fact.
  • Things are going good with the Scientist. We dig each other and have been seeing each other often.
  • N isn't taking the fact that I'm dating the Scientist very well. This is all after she dumped the Dude.
  • J2 got leid, let's give it up for him.
  • The terrorists still suck.
  • I'm finding it very hard to try and balance all my obligations and to sleep too.
  • In the last week, I have had 2 full nights of sleep.
  • Taking more than a week off from running is a bad idea. I got home and was out of shape. Now, I'm working to get back where I was, as far as my fitness level is concerned.
Ok, that's pretty much it, in very little detail. Tonight, I have to go back to work for a few hours, but then the Scientist and I are planning on going out. Where, I'm not sure. I think we might go have some Thai for dinner and then I'm sure we will end up at her house. From there, you'll just have to wait and let me recount the tail tomorrow...

Mood: Good
Music: From Autumn to Ashes


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