Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Earlier this week, I found out that my Dad was in Atlanta taking a class. I invited him down tonight to see me run as well as go to dinner. I asked the Scientist if she wanted to join us and as I figured she would she said yes.

Dad got in early and was hanging out at work for a few minutes before I got off. Trying to give him something to do rather than stand around like a dork, I sent him to the gas station for a Powerade. While he was gone, N came in to work to help close down and finish out the day. Shortly after N arrived, the Scientist came in to pick up her dogs. Then, Dad pulled up from the gas station. It was really wierd to be standing 20 feet away from a collision of worlds and having no control over the situation.

N my old girlfriend was helping the Scientist, my new girlfriend with her dogs. Wierd. My Dad who knows N well, but doesn't know (only learned of her today) the Scientist is about to walk in and create the most awkward moment ever. Wierd. N knows about the Scientist, but the Scientist doesn't know the full story about me and N. Wierd. N is intimidated by my Dad and thinks he doesn't like her even though he does. Wierd. And there I am, in the next room, watching all of this through a plate glass window, as if I'm in a fishbowl hoping it all doesn't explode in my face. I return to picking up poo and mopping pee hoping to God that things turn out alright.

They did, no visible awkwardness ensued. Thank goodness.

I ran and did well. 20:05. The heat was killer and pretty much slowed everyones times about 30 seconds from last week, so I was right on pace. Dinner was good, went to Mellow Mushroom and had a great time. My Dad did ask all the stupid CSI questions of the Scientist that everyone she meets asks her. I asked too when I met her.

There was a spectacular lightning storm here in town this evening and I have photographic evidence to prove it. More on that later...


Blogger schmims said...

That is WEIRD! Hope you didn't have to clean up your own pee and poop after that one.

I say, screw N. (Not literally).

5:15 AM  

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