Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She always wins in the end.

It's amazing what's happening down in Louisiana and Mississippi. What a crazy situation. I just keep going back to thought of this is kinda what we get when we try to engineer nature. She always wins in the end. How long will it take us to figure that out?

Gas went up over twenty cents here today as it did in much of the country. I decided to go fill up since my needle was on E. I filled up the scooter and an extra gallon tank I had lying around. Now I have gas for at least a week in the scooter.

As I was zooming around town, filling up and picking up my Chinese take-out, I had a revelation. I can pay my scooter bill for the month, insure it and fill it with gas for less than it takes my roommate to fill up his truck once. And he burns a tank about once a week. How awesome is that?

With the price of gas going up, the motorcyle parking lots have been more full this semester. During the middle of the day, they are packed out much more than they were last year. I have also seen more scooters cruising around town. Good to see. I almost got a sticker for the scooter that says SUVs suck. But then I realized that what I ride is a two stroke and probably just about as bad for the environment as a big ass truck. So much for trying to do my part.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm just a sucker for punishment.

I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment. When time to meet my friends to head over to the race, I packed my bag and headed out. Getting there, I could tell my legs were tired and weary from the mornings punishment. Signing in, I got my number and a microchip that would be used to be timing the 1800+ runners. Tying it into my laces, we headed to the start and got herded onto the two lane starting street with the other runners. We tried our best to stay near the front to avoid the mess that was sure to ensue once the start sounded.

We managed to stay near the front and as the cannon roared starting the mass of bodies hurtling up the hill. Although we were near the front, there was still a lot of traffic to get through in order to get to the open road ahead. I actually plowed through two fat girls like a running back hitting the hole because I had nowhere else to go. After clearing most of the traffic I rejoined my friends and we settled into a decent pace.

My legs were feeling ok and the race was progressing well. We moved up, passing those who started running out of steam, making our way towards the lead pack. About a mile and a half in, I realized something felt funny with my right shoe. I looked down to find it untied and my timing chip gone. Realizing the futility of going back and trying to find the damn black piece of plastic on a pitch dark residential street, I quickly tied my shoe and set back off.

I lost probably fifteen seconds due to the mishap. The rest of the race went ok. I didn't really push it, knowing my time wouldn't be official anyway. Coming down the final hill, I just enjoyed the sight of hundreds of spectators watching me come in. I even high fived some of the cops who were in the middle of the road running security.

I came in (unofficially) at 19:23. Figuring I lost fifteen seconds tying my shoe, and taking into account the fourteen miles I already had on my odometer for the day and the fact that the racecourse was 20 to 30 seconds slower than the one a few weeks ago, I think the performance wasn't too bad.

It was a fun race. The atmosphere was great and it benefited a good cause. My lesson is learned though. Next time, you better bet that damn microchip will be securely fastened to my shoe.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Like a crack whore

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Well world, I am an addict. I've known for a long time that I have an addictive personality. The signs started when I was very young. I've tried to control my propensity to become addicted. I've only smoked out a handful of times. I avoid cancer sticks like, well, cancer and I moderate my alcohol intake to no more than a couple of nights a week.

Even with all of my efforts, I have still been gripped by the relentless hands that are addiction. I'll describe the events as they took place today and let you decide for yourself.

This morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go run. My friends and I put in 12 miles, while the Vet student and I kept going, putting in a solid 14. Exhausted, we retired to McDonald's where talk turned to the race that is tonight. I've been saying for two weeks now that I wouldn't be going, due to a lack of funds. I continued that assertion this morning.

I came home and watched some tv, trying to decide what to do for the rest of the day. I acquired some chaffing between my legs on the long run this morning, so I headed out to Walmart to get some ointment to help the burn.

I came home and started thinking about the race tonight. I wanted to run, but really didn't have the money, so I decided I'd just go and support my friends and have a good time. I started thinking some more.

When I was folding and putting clothes away this afternoon, I found some of my older, fat clothes and I had a brilliant idea. I could sell my old clothes and round up enough cash to enter the race! Like a crack whore, I rounded up all my old sellable clothes and headed over to the store (pawn shop) to sell them.

I got $21.25, just enough to enter the race! Now, what to do about the burning between my legs (the chaffing, not the VD, that's under control). So, I headed out to Hibbetts to get some Under Armor. There, I spent $21.60 that I didn't really have to spend on technical under garmets.

As I walk around the apartment now, I think to myself, geez my legs are tired, why the fuck am I going to run a race tonight? Normally, I rest the day before a race, not run 14 miles the morning of.

It all comes back to addiction. I think I'm getting addicted to running. Seriously, as strange as it might sound. When I started thinking about the race, and not running, it got my competitive juices flowing and I just had to enter. I felt compelled, by something within me to. So, here I go. Let's hope I do ok.

By the way, I'm VD free, that was a joke, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back into the school routine

Not much has been going on and consequently I have not really had anything to write about. I'm getting back into the school routine and that's nice. It is nice going to class, learning and having more free time on my hands.

My computer is still giving me fits, randomly shutting off at the most inopprotune times. My situation isn't as bad as my brothers though, his computer actually blew up the other day, so now he's SOL for a while until it gets fixed or he replaces it.

Last night, I met some friends at the track and we did a speed workout. One and a half miles of warm up, then 10 400 meter sprints with 400 meter jog recoveries, followed by another mile and a half of cool down. It was a nice workout and fun to run with some other souls rather than by my lonesome.

That's all I've got for now, hopefully there will be some more blogworthy stuff later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lets play!

I've become part of the Interview game that is getting passed around several blogs. I've delayed playing for a few days due to laziness and general blog apathy, but I'm done with that now, so lets play!

The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying interview me.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. How old is your Beagle and how did you get her?

My Beagle just turned three in May. N and I got her the weekend after July 4 in 2002. I'd been wanting a Beagle for some time, but in my current living situation couldn't get a pup. After N and I started dating, we had somewhere we could keep her (at N's house). So, looking through the classifieds I found Beagle pups for sale. We headed down to the southeastern part of the state and met the breeder at the Krispy Kreme parking lot. He brought his two female pups with him and we chose Beagle. Best decision ever, she's a great dog.

2. What will your degree be in and how do you plan on using it?

When I graduate in December, I'll have a BS degree in Marketing with a minor in Logistics and a minor in Anthropology. I'd love to use it to better the world, but I'll probably just end up working for The Man in a cube somewhere with a 45 minute commute in traffic. That's going to suck.

3. What is the funniest thing you have done involving alcohol?

During my summer in London in 2001, some friends and I took a weekend trip up to Scotland. On the tour, we crossed onto the Island of Skye and spent the night in a little village called Kyleakin. After getting settled in, we headed to the pub for a few pints. After a few pints, we decided to head out and check out the remains of a castle that was not too far from the village. Well we got there and scrambled up the rocks to get to the ruins. We hung out talking, laughing and having a generally great time. The sun was begining to set. With a little liquid bravery infused in me, I decided that I wanted to scale the castle wall and climb up to where the second story used to be. I scampered up the ruins with pretty much no problem. Feeling buzzed from the cider and alive from our adventure I was having a blast, until I wanted to climb down. I realized that climbing up was easy but climbing down would be a true challenge. I couldn't climb down because on one side was a sheer cliff and on the other the ruins jutted out making an overhang that was impossible to downscale.

If you look closely at these pictures of Caistleal Maol, you will see that the two areas left standing are connected and supported by a massive wooden beam. This is a huge beam, probably 8x8. Well, this beam was pretty much the only hope in me getting down. Since I was slightly drunk and getting some vertigo, walking across was not an option. I sat down and started to shimmy across on my butt. Well, once I got out in the middle, I panicked and got really nervous. Eventually, I was able to shimmy on over and get across, climb down, and live to see another day. It is a great memory, but I'm a little more cautious about doing stupid things whilst drunk now adays.

4. Describe the woman of your dreams.

I come back to this time and time again. I don't really know what the woman of my dreams is, I've had girls who should have fit the bill but didn't for one reason or another. I'll take a stab anyway. Outdoorsy, quirky, slightly dorky. A girl who isn't afraid to get dirty but can get cleaned up and be sophisticated at times. Not a tomboy but not a sorostitute either, somewhere in the middle. A girl who will do anything for me knowing I'll do the same for her. Physically attractive but mentally irresistible. Someone whom I click with, someone who can be my partner, my goto person and who feels the same about me.

That's all I've got.

5. Are you a booby guy and if so do you like to squish them together?

I enjoy the boobs. I also enjoy squishing and manipulating them as well. I also pay attention to the butt too. It's almost just as important. Rather than focusing on one 'attribute', I like to pay attention to the entire package.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm about to head out

I'm about to head out for the weekend with N. We are going to see her family. I'm stoked, haven't been to visit them in a while and it's always fun, plus all that food, yum! I'll be back Sunday with lots of stuff to tell, and I'll actually play the game (See comments) then, I've just run out of time for now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Spasms of joy

It has been almost 9 months since I have bought dog food. It seems that every now and then, something happens to a bag at the store, it gets peed on, ripped open or somehow else unsellable. Usually I'll step in and offer to take it off my bosses hands. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The most recent batch of free dog food that I've gotten was small individual packets of sample food sent to us from some company. It included samples of vegetarian dog food as well as organic dog food. I noticed this morning as I scooped out the Beagles daily ration* that she was getting pretty low in the bin, so this afternoon I made a trip down to the storage unit to get some of the sample packages that I got a few months ago.

I brought the back up to the apartment and began the slow tedious process of cutting the tops off of each package and dumping it into the bin. Once the Beagle figured out what I was doing, she became quite interested, sneaking her way into the laundry room to watch me. As I was cutting and dumping, cutting and dumping, she waited patiently next to me, watching my movements with great interest. After I was done mixing some of the new food in with the old, I needed to agitate it and mix it, so the shock of the new food wouldn't upset her beagly stomach. Stirring all the food up made quite a racket and sent the Beagle into spasms of joy thinking a second meal of the day was in order. It was not, but she still seemed to enjoy the excitement.

* The Beagle is on a strict daily ration of 2 cups. No more. Beagles can get notoriously fat given the chance and my beagle is no exception. If she could, she would probably consume upwards of six cups a day and become grossly obese. That's why she is on a strict diet, to keep her lean, trim and fit, just way a beagle should be.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What a fucking blast.

And so it comes to this, the day that I have simultaneously been dreading and looking forward to for some time now. As we get nearer to the end, I become more reflective, trying to reconcile all the jumbled thoughts and feelings swirling around inside me, usually to no avail.

Here we are on the first day of the last semester, the beginining of the end. I've got four classes in total, one less than my usual load, two of which I'm looking forward to, two of which I'd rather not take.
  • Intro to Archaeology
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Strategy
Archaeology and Services Marketing should be entertaining, the other two, ug, not so much. Strategic Management is the capstone class for the business school and project based. Marketing Strategy is the capstone class for the Marketing Department and not much fun either. I've already found out that my Marketing Strategy exam falls on the day of my Marathon, so I've emailed to see if he will oblige me and let me take it early. He has tentativly agreed, we'll see. He is a new professor and I don't know anything about him, hopefully he won't be a dick.

I'm glad school is starting because I genuinely enjoy it, especially after working like a dog all summer long. The last summer ever that was to be one of the better summers ever never materialized. I spent most mornings cleaning shit followed by afternoon naps from exhaustion and followed up by cleaning shit in the evening. Throw in some cursory running in the evening an early bedtime, rinse and repeat, all summer long. What a fucking blast.

With the summer such a bust, I'm working on a few things to hopefully make this fall much better. I'd be nice to be able to quit my job and kick back, concentrate on school, training and having fun because before I know it, I'll probably be working for the man, 9-5 with a 45 minute commute in Atlanta, what a miserable existance.

On the jobsearch front, the resume is finally nearing completion. After four major revisions it has taken shape and is turning out to be damn fine. If anyone out there wants a peek, let me know and we can work something out. As for now, I'm heading into the first day of the last with a smile on my face and an ache in my heart.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Who is Drew

I took this picture in an alley the night that I took the cool pictures of the lightning. I walked by it one day and almost fell on the ground laughing. Who is Drew and who are these girls he loves? I wonder how old this guy is. I'm really hoping he is some junior high kid who just has a way with girls, it'd be really really sad if this was an adult or some college kid. I wonder how many times he will go back to Krissy. I guess I'll have to check back in a few months and see if any more names have been added to the list

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The race was shaping up to be epic.

I headed with some of my running friends about 30 minutes down the road, into the Eastern Timezone for a 5K this morning. It was part of the Summer Triple Crown 5K Series. Usually at this time on Saturday morning, I'm slaving away either washing dogs or cleaning up shitpiss, but this weekend was different because I asked off ahead of time.

I mailed my entry in early so I got into the race for 10 dollars which was a steal. We got to the race and warmed up with a nice 1.5 mile jaunt. The start was a bit from the parking lot, so we headed over and lined up with the rest of the runners. The highschool cross country/track team that hosted the event had a good turnout and the field was pretty elite. I started about halfway back in the pack. The race started and proceeded 3.1 miles down a relatively flat county road. I felt good the first mile and clocked it at 5:38. After dropping off the pace of some of my faster friends, I picked up a Kenyan girl and ran along side her for a little while. The second mile dropped at 11:40 and I realized the race was shaping up to be epic.

The slightly rolling terrain was hilly enough to be interesting but not too hilly to cause any undue stress or exhaustion, unlike the home course I'm used to. I kept up with the Kenyan till about 2.5 miles where I dropped her and picked up another guy. Coming up the crest of a small hill, I realized the finish line was not far off. Cresting the hill, I saw the chute at the bottom and began to turn it on. I couldn't see the clock but I knew my time was going to be good. When I crossed the finish line the clock read 18:16. A new personal record beating my last best by 1:19 which is pretty damn good. I attribute the increased speed to new shoes and a faster course, and of course all the hard work and training that I've been doing. I came away with a silver medal, finishing second in my age group.

The Runner's World pace calculator says that with that time, I could conceivably expect to run a 2:55:17 marathon. That would blow my goal out of the water and be amazing, I guess I just need to keep training and working hard to make sure I get there.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I've only dumped two girls in my dating life.

On Wednesday night, I went over to have dinner with the Scientist. A lot of stuff about our relationship had been bugging me lately. I began to feel a little closed in with respect to the relationship. Not really that she was smothering me in the relationship, more that I was feeling boxed in a relationship that I no longer wanted to be a part of. I still like the Scientist, and I tried to impress that upon her as I broke her heart, but now just isn't the time for us.

I've got a lot of stuff coming up between now and December - jobsearch, school, marathon, moving, football season, working. I feel like I'm going to have a hard time handling it all and adding a relationship (with her) to that is something I don't really want to do.

I've only dumped two girls in my dating life. It's really tough and I don't like doing it. I treid to be mature and adult about the whole situation, explaining to her how I felt and why I didn't think it was going to work out. She handled it fairly well. Although at several points, she started to get bitter and did say some mean things to me, none of which I thought were very fair or deserved.

I still want to be her friend and hope that she can/will be mine, but for now, I move on. Here is an email that she sent me Thursday morning. It's mature and well thought out, much better than the way she reacted on Wednesday night.

I wanted to thank you for the past two months. I had a great time with you, getting to know you. You are a wonderful person and the girl you end up with will be very lucky to have you. Too bad it can't be me. Maybe our paths will cross again and the timing will be right. You never know what life will bring you.
Let me know how you do this weekend and keep me updated with your running and life. If you ever want to go for dinner or something just give me a call. We can still be friends. I don't hold your decision against you. Your future is important and should be your priority. I, of all people, know this. But if you start dating someone else before graduation, do me the favor and don't tell me. Then I would feel used.
Your friend,
The Scientist

I have a race tomorrow morning, it's a 5K. The course is flat and fast. My running friends are running it about 45 seconds faster than their times on the Summer 5K series course. I'm hoping to improve my 19:35 PR by a minute or so. I'm taking today off so I can go all out tomorrow and give it everything I have.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Take it or leave it.

I got linked to and was reading what The Technologist had to say tonight when I read his first post. I think it sums me up pretty good as well:

I rock the Ipod, I know how to get free stuff from the internets and yes I know Linux. But guess what else I can do. I can talk to girls, dress my self in dapper threads and when I walk into gym I am not going to be the most scrawny pasty dude in the place. So the next time refers to you dear non-existent reader as a geek, tell them “Fuck you I am no mere geek, I am a Technologist!!!”

And no I will not fix your computer.

Yeah, that's pretty much me. Take it or leave it.

'Hey, we are going to run a marathon'

I've been running now for a few months and I've been doing pretty well. I won my age group at a 5K back in June and then I won my age group in the Summer 5K series that I participated in. My brother has been running about a month longer than me but hasn't started competing because he has been in rural New York for the summer.

Back in June, we decided that we wanted to try and run a marathon together. Well, I decided I wanted to try one and solicited him to run it with me. We decided to keep our decision tight to our chests for a few months to make sure it was something that we really wanted to do. I don't think there would be much worse than announcing 'Hey, we are going to run a marathon' and then chicken out and look foolish.

We picked the Kiawah Island Marathon on December 10 for a variety of reasons. It's close to my grandparents, so we will have a place to stay. It is also in cool December and a flat/fast course which will be important for us to reach our goals.

There is a lot of information out there about how to train for a marathon and I've read a good bit of it. I've also consulted with runners from my local running club for tips. Brother and I have decided to do this training schedule. I think it will prepare us well and set us up for a good race if we are diligent about running every day and doing at least the reccomended mileage.

Training officially started yesterday, leaving us just over four months of hard work to get to the starting line in December.

I'm not nesicarily looking forward to all the work I'm going to have to put into this, but I am excited about the possibility of running a good race and performing well. We need a 3:10:00 to qualify for the 2006 Boston Marathon. I think it's dooable with a lot of hard work put in now. That's why all the hard work started yesterday.

I'll be writing a lot more in the next few months about this topic but for now, that's about all I've got. Anybody out there ever run one? Have any suggestions?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Suggestions welcome.

How do you tell someone, No, I don't want a quickee.? It's Sunday morning and last night when I talked to the Scientist, the plan was to do something tonight. We are going to go bowling. I told her that this morning I didn't have much to do, but did have some stuff planned. After I got out of the shower, after my run, I had a text message from her saying, "U want a quicke?" Well, no, I actually don't want a quckiee. I'm trying to have a nice quiet morning on my day off and I'm supposed to see you later. How do I say that without being rude?

I last saw her Thursday night and the last time we slept together was last weekend, I think. I like sex, but I guess my drive just isn't as high as it once was (How sad is that, I'm only fucking 23 and losing my libido already). I mentioned over dinner on Thursday that my life is about to get crazier than it already is. With school, running, working and job hunting, I don't think I'm going to have much time to devote to a girl. Maybe me saying that was my way of hinting that I'm not that into her anymore. Sure it was great at first, but maybe now I think, "I'm never going to fall in love with this girl, I like you, your lots of fun, but maybe I'm just not that into her."

So, how again, do you tell someone that you don't want a quickee? Suggestions welcome. (Schmims this means you).

Update: Being too much of a gentleman to just plain out ignore the message, I decided to reply and try to worm my way out of it. I settled on this reply:

J: How about a double tonight instead?

which led to this subsequent exchange:

Scientist: Whimp!
J: Maybe so...
J: Had neighbor trouble again last night, didn't sleep well, again. (Partially true, but mostly just a cop out)
Scientist: Should have been here, slept like a baby. (No thanks, I wanted to spend last night alone, in my bed thanks)
Scientist: Doesn't matter now, urge left me, I was forced 2 play with myself.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Worth my $28.50.

N, The Drinking God and I headed up to Atlanta for the Warped Tour on Wednesday. It pretty much lived up to expectations and turned out to be an epic day. The sun was hot, but not unbearable and the bands were good. I was a little suprised that there were no 'huge' punk bands there, not any bands that you could pick out and say they were headlining the tour. There was still a lot of good music to be heard though and I got to see some bands that I had previously not seen.

Here are the bands I got a chance to see and any applicable links for your viewing pleasure:
Pretty much it was worth my $28.50. Plus a four dollar Powerade and some free boob exposures.

Wasted at the Warped Tour.

This is what happens when you get wasted at the Warped Tour. Take notice of all the dudes, like myself taking pictures, while the boyfriends watched and enjoyed the show as much as we did. Girl, I bet your Mom is damn proud.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A recipe for grumpiness.

It's been on heck of a week. Last week was super busy at work and over the weekend I headed up to see my parents and celebrate my sister's 19th birthday.

The drive pretty much sucked. My little truck is a standard transmission, doesn't have an air conditioner, and in fact the heater is broken and permanently blows hot air. Combine these facts with an hour and twenty minutes spent in hot Atlanta traffic and you have a recipe for grumpiness. The drive home wasn't much better, I spent time in Greenville traffic due to a rain induced wreck on Sunday.

Tomorrow N and I are heading up to Atlanta again to go to the Warped Tour. Something we have had on the calendar and been looking forward to for the entire summer. Hopefully the weather will be good and the bands epic. I just wish Flogging Molly would be there.