Saturday, August 13, 2005

The race was shaping up to be epic.

I headed with some of my running friends about 30 minutes down the road, into the Eastern Timezone for a 5K this morning. It was part of the Summer Triple Crown 5K Series. Usually at this time on Saturday morning, I'm slaving away either washing dogs or cleaning up shitpiss, but this weekend was different because I asked off ahead of time.

I mailed my entry in early so I got into the race for 10 dollars which was a steal. We got to the race and warmed up with a nice 1.5 mile jaunt. The start was a bit from the parking lot, so we headed over and lined up with the rest of the runners. The highschool cross country/track team that hosted the event had a good turnout and the field was pretty elite. I started about halfway back in the pack. The race started and proceeded 3.1 miles down a relatively flat county road. I felt good the first mile and clocked it at 5:38. After dropping off the pace of some of my faster friends, I picked up a Kenyan girl and ran along side her for a little while. The second mile dropped at 11:40 and I realized the race was shaping up to be epic.

The slightly rolling terrain was hilly enough to be interesting but not too hilly to cause any undue stress or exhaustion, unlike the home course I'm used to. I kept up with the Kenyan till about 2.5 miles where I dropped her and picked up another guy. Coming up the crest of a small hill, I realized the finish line was not far off. Cresting the hill, I saw the chute at the bottom and began to turn it on. I couldn't see the clock but I knew my time was going to be good. When I crossed the finish line the clock read 18:16. A new personal record beating my last best by 1:19 which is pretty damn good. I attribute the increased speed to new shoes and a faster course, and of course all the hard work and training that I've been doing. I came away with a silver medal, finishing second in my age group.

The Runner's World pace calculator says that with that time, I could conceivably expect to run a 2:55:17 marathon. That would blow my goal out of the water and be amazing, I guess I just need to keep training and working hard to make sure I get there.


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