Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She always wins in the end.

It's amazing what's happening down in Louisiana and Mississippi. What a crazy situation. I just keep going back to thought of this is kinda what we get when we try to engineer nature. She always wins in the end. How long will it take us to figure that out?

Gas went up over twenty cents here today as it did in much of the country. I decided to go fill up since my needle was on E. I filled up the scooter and an extra gallon tank I had lying around. Now I have gas for at least a week in the scooter.

As I was zooming around town, filling up and picking up my Chinese take-out, I had a revelation. I can pay my scooter bill for the month, insure it and fill it with gas for less than it takes my roommate to fill up his truck once. And he burns a tank about once a week. How awesome is that?

With the price of gas going up, the motorcyle parking lots have been more full this semester. During the middle of the day, they are packed out much more than they were last year. I have also seen more scooters cruising around town. Good to see. I almost got a sticker for the scooter that says SUVs suck. But then I realized that what I ride is a two stroke and probably just about as bad for the environment as a big ass truck. So much for trying to do my part.

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Blogger gwadzilla said...

get the sticker
put it on your helmet...

put it somewhere where the SUV behind you can not see it

1:10 PM  

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