Friday, September 30, 2005

I hate Miller Light.

Earlier in the week, a friend who sits behind me in Marketing Strategy told me about a hurricane relief night her boss was helping sponsor at a local watering hole. Trying to be a good patriotic American and never being one to pass up drinking brews to help those less fortunate, I couldn't say no. Plus the fact that I had the chance of seeing her outside of the class setting was definitely a factor in my decision.

Convincing my roommate to go with me, we headed out last night about nine fortyfive. When we got there, things hadn't really started heating up, so we passed the time playing pool and getting our drink on. A few hours later more folks (and importantly girls) started filtering in. The Miller Light girls were even on hand passing out free schwag. I hate Miller Light and would never, ever spend money on it so I was ineligible for any free goodies. When my roommate found out they were passing out penalty flags, he broke down, bought a Miller Light and got a free penalty flag. I switched beers with him, just so I could get one as well.

At that point, he decided it was time for us to 'go hunting'. And we did. We went to the back of the bar, where the shitty coverband (sidenote: There is absolutely no original music scene here, all it is is shitty coverbands all weekend long, Too bad we don't have a scene like Athens...) was getting going. Roommate spotted some girls he knew and the night was on from there. We sat and talked for a little while until we hit the dancefloor. By this time, I had just enough alcohol in my system to allow me to dance. I danced most of the evening away with newly met girls and had a good time. Around two when it became evident things were winding down and I'd be going home alone, that's just what I did. I came home, drank as much water as my stomach could handle and passed out.

I enjoyed going out last night. I met some cute girls, and danced with a few of them. All in all it was a good night even if I felt like shit this morning.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How to blow an interview in one easy step.

Today, I learned how to blow an interview in one easy step. It's quite simple actually. I should have been more prepared. I've always been told to prepare and for whatever reason, I decided not to.

We sat down and his first question was, "So, tell me what you know about my company." This is the part I hadn't prepared for, I hadn't done my research. I started my spiel, Well I know you are an LTL (less than truckload) carrier and ect ect ect. After I finished, he nodded and the first words out of his mouth were, "We are actually a truckload carrier, not an LTL company." At that point, I knew I'd blown it and from here on out I was no longer trying to get a job, merely trying to practice for the next interview and trying not to embarass myself further.

The next two went considerably better. I'm set up for another tomorrow. It was a long day and I'm very tired so I think I'm going to bed now.

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When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday morning I got up ready to take on the world. The College of Business career fair was in the morning, then I had a Marketing Strategy test at 1, followed by the University career fair with over 140 companies represented.

I got up and immediately knew something was amiss. It had been over three and a half weeks since our last measurable rainfall. Sure enough, the morning I need to look my best and wear my suit around campus, it's pouring. I got on the computer to check out the radar and sure enough, it looked as though it was going to rain all damn day.

I got dressed up and feeling confident in my people skills and personal presentation, I headed out the door. I took the truck to campus and illegally parked on a yellow curb, hoping I wouldn't get a ticket. I went to the student copy center so that I could have copies of my resume and cover letter printed off. After some trouble printing the files from my thumb drive, the guy behind the counter finally figured it out. When he came back from the back with my printouts, they were on plain white paper. Yeah, that's right, plain white paper.

I was dressed to the nines and asked to have resumes printed, granted I didn't specifically say I wanted it on resume paper, but I figured that was a given, apparently not. I finally got him to print my stuff on the paper I wanted and was off. I talked to a few prospective companies in the morning and was particularly impressed with one. They have sales rep positions open and they seem like a good company to work for. The thing that I liked about them was the fact that you don't have to do any cold calling, the areas you get put into already have pre-established relationships with the retailers.

I went into my test pretty concerned. I didn't really study too hard and after all, this is the Marketing capstone class. If I don't pass, I don't graduate. We only had to do three of the four questions and after I had eliminated one, it was all downhill. I started out on a roll and finished strong. Basically, I brought that test to it's knees.

The University career fair was less successful than the College of Business one, just as I suspected it would be.

I did land two interviews, even if they are just preliminary screening ones that don't mean all that much. Today, I'm off to the Logistics career fair and to do my two interviews. Hopefully they will go well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Build my base.

Here we are, eleven and a half weeks out. December 10 is looming ever nearer. The knee is doing ok. It's actually become knees. Last weekend on our long Saturday morning run, I irritated my right iliotibial band. I got on Wikipedia, as I often do to see what was going on with my knee after I talked to a few more members of the running club who all have the consensus that that's what my issues are. Irritation of the iliotibial band. I found a link to some stretches, which I have been doing before my runs, and it seems to be helping.

I've cut back considerably on my mileage as well as the number of days that I'm training. I'm down to between 18 and 25 miles during the week on 4 or 5 days. Much less than the 40 ish miles I had worked up to on 6 days a week of training.

I did speed work tonight at the track with the Wednesday night regulars. I took it easy, not doing all the sprinting they did but still got in some good sprints as well as distance.

Brother and I have registered for the half marathon, not knowing how my knees are going to be come December. We have the option of changing which race we are registered for and if I can continue to build my base back up and get in the requisite long runs on the weekend, I might just try to tackle the whole 26.2 miles.

Mentally, I'm stoked on it and really ready to put in all the hard work that it takes to get there and smash through the 3:10 that I need to qualify for Boston, but I'd hate to seriously hurt myself and put myself out of commission for months. It's not really worth it. After all, I only started running in April, so my running career is relatively young.

On a side note, my Dad's somewhere over the Pacific right now on his way to China. He'll be there for just over a week this time, not the long 3 week trips he usually takes to the Far East. He is getting to go into the interior of China this time which is pretty damn cool. I wish I had gotten to go with him.

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Not a good weekend elsewhere.

While I was having a good weekend here, apparently it was not a good weekend elsewhere. On Friday, N's grandmother's dog was bitten by a rattlesnake in the yard. They didn't know at the time that it was a rattlesnake, but by Saturday morning, he had passed. It's really terrible because he was such a big sweet dog. I've never seen a larger dog but even at 250 pounds he was as gentle at my 25 pound beagle.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I saw this on BoingBoing this morning. It made me smile, hopefully it will do the same for you.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Most of the 100 million or so

The weekend pretty much went according to plan. I got up and put in twelve miles Saturday morning. Then N's brother and I headed to campus. He hadn't seen campus in two years so we walked around and saw most of the 100 million or so that the administration has been sinking into new buildings and infrastucture. Poultry Science has a new spanking building, so does CoSAM, and Forestry. Histrory, Psychology, Geography, and Journalism's buildings have been renovated. He was pretty dismayed to find out that computer science and engineering are still housed in the crap buildings that he took classes in.

The game was good, it's hard to complain when your team is on the larger side of a 63-3 score. We met up with some friends at halftime and by the third quarter we were ready to head out. J2 ended up coming over Saturday night so after N, her brother and I went for a Thai/sushi dinner, we headed out to play pool and drink beer.

I mentioned that the jukebox had some Dropkick Murphys on it so, we decided to play some tunes. Well, it turns out that it's a digital jukebox that pretty much has anything you want, an if it doesn't actually have it, it can download it. We were suckers and ended up feeding it about nine bucks. All the songs we wanted to hear had to be downloaded which cost an extra credit but it was worth it in the end. I picked out some punk tunes, J2 chose some nice Prodigy and N's brother chose some nice metal. All in all, a good time was had.

We came back and hung out for a few hours until the wee morning when we turned in. Sunday morning brought N by early to pick her brother up for a morning by themselves. J2 started drinking his honey whiskey early approximately 10 am. We layed around most of the day, drinking and watching various DVDs. We watched Bam's episode of 411VM, CKY Chopped and Sliced, CKY2K, CKY3, and CKY: How to Rob a House, and Haggard's Extras.

A great weekend, so much so that as foretold in my last post, I skipped Anthropology this morning.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

These are the weekends I live for.

The weekend shaping up to be damn good, care of good football, live and on TV, as well as the visit from N's brother. I just recieved word that J2 will be passing through Sunday and Monday. That pretty much sets us up for a night of debachery on Sunday. Class attendence Monday morning is doubtful.

These are the weekends I live for. Good friends, Good beer, Lots of football, what could be better?

Back up and running.

I finally have my computer back. Brother sent me his extra power supply. After opening the box, it was literally a two minute install until I was back up and running. I'm glad that it turned out to just be the power supply rather than a critical component that I probably would be too broke to replace.

N's brother is coming to town this weekend to go to the game with me. I'm pretty stoked because I haven't seen him in a while and we should have a good time. I'm sure it will be good to get away from the wife for a weekend so he can come down here and party a bit with me. Even though we are playing a crap opponent and the game should be over before they step off the bus, it should be a riot. After he gets her tonight, I think we are going to go out have a few drinks and shoot some pool.

The running club has twelve miles planned. I hope I can do them all. The knee is starting to feel better, even though it is not back to 100 percent. At this point, I'm just trying to take it easy and not reinjure myself. It still has not been decided as to whether or not I'm still going to attempt the Marathon in December. I really really want to, but physically I don't know if my knees will allow me all the training that I need to get prepared. Brother and I might just have to step it down and enter the half. Which while being disappointing will still be an accomplishment and not the end of the world -- there are after all, more marathons including next year.

Today, I'm going to see a guest lecturer in one of my classes that I'm pretty stoked about seeing the former CEO of UPS talk. I wasn't going to go originally, but how many times do you actually get the chance to hear someone like this talk, and after all it is my last semester and I'm trying to be more 'involved' in campus. So, here I go.

Oh, a big shoutout to my friend Kate who should find my blog today.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Elicited no response.

On Thursday night, I was sitting at my desk, doing some internetting as usual. And as has been customary for the last six months, my computer promptly shut down on me. Completely powered down with no input from me. Right after that happened, I heard a loud pop eminate from the general area of the tower. Then the smell of electrical smoke wafted through the air.

"That's no good" I said to myself. Pushing the power button on the front of my box elicited no response. Pulling out the tower, I already knew what I was going to find. No scorch marks on the motherboard or any other key components. I felt the powersupply and just as I suspected, it was very hot. I'm pretty sure that it had been overheating problems and that's why the computer was shutting down in the first place. Now, I'm pretty sure that it has blown up. I called my brother to tell him of the situation and he infomed me that he had an extra power supply laying around. He said he'd get it into the mail for me today. Hopefully he will. I miss my computer and access to the internet. Pretty much I'm relying on my roommate not to be home so I can use his for a few minutes at a time and also snag some time in the labs on campus when I have a few minutes.

Right now I'm using a lab that is 'reserved' for students in foreign language classes only. En su rodillas, puntas!

Till next time.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

I've literally run myself into the ground.

Oh, the irony is thick. Not too long ago, I wrote an entry about how I've become addicted to running. Well, last Wednesday, I was out at the track doing speedwork with some of my running friends. My plan called for 5x800, but they were doing 4x1200. I ran the first three with them, keeping their pace but cutting it one lap short so I just got my 800 meters in. On the last one, rather than run a 800 and then another by myself, I decided just to join them for the full 1200 meters. I pushed it really hard, seeing as I was actually cutting my workout a little short of what was scheduled. We then ran a mile and a half cool down and called it quits for the day. We hung out a bit, chatting and basically shooting the shit, then went out separate ways for the night.

On Thursday, I woke up and got over to campus for class. Walking around campus, I developed a significant pain in my left knee, on the outside of my patella. It became worse the more I walked. I sat down, rubbing my knee and trying to figure out what was going on. My knee continued to hurt for the remainder of the day. I decided to take the day off from running. Friday when I woke up, same thing. Pain in the knee. I tried to run, but the pain became unbearable only after a few hundred meters. I decided to quit, not wanting to hurt myself further. I considered running Saturday, but took the day off.

Sunday, I did run, and the knee felt OK. Afterwards though, it hurt pretty bad. I iced it, hoping to help any damage I'd done. On Monday I took the day off again but went swimming at the aquatics center. Tuesday, I was feeling better and decided to go out for an easy 4.3 miles. The knee didn't exactly feel good afterwards but there was much less discomfort than on Sunday. I swam Wednesday and Thursday for an hour each, trying to keep in some semblance of shape. Today, I'm taking the day completely off in anticipation of running tomorrow morning with the running club. The knee feels pretty much normal today, no real pain to speak of.

Being injured the last week has been really hard. It has been mentally painful keeping myself on the couch and not running. I've put in a lot of hard work to get in good shape and I have a lot of hard work left to go before I get to December 10. I want to be in top form for the race so I can do good.

I hooked up with my current running buddies from the Summer 5K series. They have been running much longer than I have and have a higher base mileage than I do. I like running with them for the companionship, but also because I have to push myself to keep up with them. Running with them makes me better.

I'm not sure what my plan forward is going to be. I'm fairly convinced that my injury was due to basic overuse, going too fast, too far, too soon. My training schedule really ramps up the miles in the next weeks and I don't know if my body can handle them. Mentally I can. I'm ready and willing to put in all the work that it takes but I don't know if my body can handle it.

I've literally run myself into the ground. If the injury stuff isn't enough, there is more to tell. But, I have to go to class now.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

that's no good.

Geez, almost a week since I've blogged, that's no good. I've been pretty busy of late, keeping up with school and whatnot. The real reason why I have not had the opprotunity to put things down to binary is that my computer is on the fritz again and continues to randomly shut off at the most inopprotune times. It seems as though I just get close to being finished with my internetting and get ready to write a bit when the damn machine shuts off. I'll try to do better, if you'll forgive me.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


After watching the news for most of the afternoon and seeing all the shit that is going down in New Orleans, and that's exactly what it is, on all levels, shit. I was in desperate need of some heroes.

It's gut wrenching to watch what is happening and I need something to counteract what I'm seeing on tv. While I was out walking the Beagle I had the inital idea of coming in and catching up on some LOTR extras that I still haven't seen. Once inside, I scrapped that idea and popped in Band of Brothers.

Exactly what I was in need of. I sat down with the intention of watching one episode but I ended up watching two. I feel much better about the world now and about humanity in general. I guess that's what TV and entertainment in general are for in the end, escapism.

The great migration is begining.

It has started. The atmosphere is slowly becoming electric. The buildup started early in the week. You can feel it as you walk around. It's the talk of the town. The great migration is begining.

I have long said that there is almost nothing better than a football Saturday in the fall on The Plains. The buildup begins on Wednesday. That's the day that, per University rules, the RVs can roll onto the far corners of campus. They and the other tailgaters won't be allowed into central campus until 4 pm Friday, but come Wednesday morning, they are in the Walmart parking lot waiting for the hour when they can legally arrive on campus.

The campus has become abuzz with football fever. It's all anyone is talking about. The student paper ran a coverstory, most other stories related to football some way or another. They profiled the coach, they profiled the mascot, they profiled our star wideout. By Friday there will be almost no point in attending or even holding class. Everyone is ready to get out and get their drink on, get the party started. Most people will attend their morning classes, but by the afternoon, sometimes attendance drops to 50 percent of those enrolled.

Saturday, well by Saturday driving in the downtown corridor will pretty much be impossible. Open container laws will be completely ignored and I will sit with 87,000 of my closet friends and watch my boys win a ballgame.

My Beagle enjoys dryer sheets.

Much like I suffer from addiction to running, Beagle is not without her own vices. It's not really an addiction per se. It's really more of a fixation. It developed when she was very young and continues to this very day.

My Beagle enjoys dryer sheets. Not just any dryer sheet though, only the spent ones. If she finds a wayward sheet that has not been through the cycle, she leaves it alone, only the spent ones will do. When she was just a pup, she would root through the pile of clean clothes searching them out. Most often today though I snag them before she has a chance to happen upon them.

I call her over and tell her to sit. Then I show her my bounty. She gets excited. Sometimes I'll make her do another trick, but usually I just give it to her. She courteously takes it very gingerly from me. Then she proceeds to her task. Ripping it to shreds.
She spends a few minutes ripping, gleefully. Then it's over. It's done. She leaves the remnants of the once proud dryer sheet for me to pick up later.

Very strange indeed. This is the only thing that she does this with. She doesn't rip up papers, newspaper or printing paper. Only dryer sheets. Ah, Beagle, so strange but such a good girl. Proud of herself for a job well done.

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