Friday, September 16, 2005

Back up and running.

I finally have my computer back. Brother sent me his extra power supply. After opening the box, it was literally a two minute install until I was back up and running. I'm glad that it turned out to just be the power supply rather than a critical component that I probably would be too broke to replace.

N's brother is coming to town this weekend to go to the game with me. I'm pretty stoked because I haven't seen him in a while and we should have a good time. I'm sure it will be good to get away from the wife for a weekend so he can come down here and party a bit with me. Even though we are playing a crap opponent and the game should be over before they step off the bus, it should be a riot. After he gets her tonight, I think we are going to go out have a few drinks and shoot some pool.

The running club has twelve miles planned. I hope I can do them all. The knee is starting to feel better, even though it is not back to 100 percent. At this point, I'm just trying to take it easy and not reinjure myself. It still has not been decided as to whether or not I'm still going to attempt the Marathon in December. I really really want to, but physically I don't know if my knees will allow me all the training that I need to get prepared. Brother and I might just have to step it down and enter the half. Which while being disappointing will still be an accomplishment and not the end of the world -- there are after all, more marathons including next year.

Today, I'm going to see a guest lecturer in one of my classes that I'm pretty stoked about seeing the former CEO of UPS talk. I wasn't going to go originally, but how many times do you actually get the chance to hear someone like this talk, and after all it is my last semester and I'm trying to be more 'involved' in campus. So, here I go.

Oh, a big shoutout to my friend Kate who should find my blog today.

Mood: It's football weekend, stupid!
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