Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Build my base.

Here we are, eleven and a half weeks out. December 10 is looming ever nearer. The knee is doing ok. It's actually become knees. Last weekend on our long Saturday morning run, I irritated my right iliotibial band. I got on Wikipedia, as I often do to see what was going on with my knee after I talked to a few more members of the running club who all have the consensus that that's what my issues are. Irritation of the iliotibial band. I found a link to some stretches, which I have been doing before my runs, and it seems to be helping.

I've cut back considerably on my mileage as well as the number of days that I'm training. I'm down to between 18 and 25 miles during the week on 4 or 5 days. Much less than the 40 ish miles I had worked up to on 6 days a week of training.

I did speed work tonight at the track with the Wednesday night regulars. I took it easy, not doing all the sprinting they did but still got in some good sprints as well as distance.

Brother and I have registered for the half marathon, not knowing how my knees are going to be come December. We have the option of changing which race we are registered for and if I can continue to build my base back up and get in the requisite long runs on the weekend, I might just try to tackle the whole 26.2 miles.

Mentally, I'm stoked on it and really ready to put in all the hard work that it takes to get there and smash through the 3:10 that I need to qualify for Boston, but I'd hate to seriously hurt myself and put myself out of commission for months. It's not really worth it. After all, I only started running in April, so my running career is relatively young.

On a side note, my Dad's somewhere over the Pacific right now on his way to China. He'll be there for just over a week this time, not the long 3 week trips he usually takes to the Far East. He is getting to go into the interior of China this time which is pretty damn cool. I wish I had gotten to go with him.

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