Monday, September 12, 2005

Elicited no response.

On Thursday night, I was sitting at my desk, doing some internetting as usual. And as has been customary for the last six months, my computer promptly shut down on me. Completely powered down with no input from me. Right after that happened, I heard a loud pop eminate from the general area of the tower. Then the smell of electrical smoke wafted through the air.

"That's no good" I said to myself. Pushing the power button on the front of my box elicited no response. Pulling out the tower, I already knew what I was going to find. No scorch marks on the motherboard or any other key components. I felt the powersupply and just as I suspected, it was very hot. I'm pretty sure that it had been overheating problems and that's why the computer was shutting down in the first place. Now, I'm pretty sure that it has blown up. I called my brother to tell him of the situation and he infomed me that he had an extra power supply laying around. He said he'd get it into the mail for me today. Hopefully he will. I miss my computer and access to the internet. Pretty much I'm relying on my roommate not to be home so I can use his for a few minutes at a time and also snag some time in the labs on campus when I have a few minutes.

Right now I'm using a lab that is 'reserved' for students in foreign language classes only. En su rodillas, puntas!

Till next time.

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Blogger schmims said...

Once in college while walking through the guys quad, I saw a computer being tossed out of a third floor window. Apparently that one was on the fritz too.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Snowman said...

The one I saw didn't throw out the computer but the 17" screen (?). Never understood that one, he also yelled about his f*cked up virus infected computer of (and on it went for like 10 min) ....

7:13 AM  

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