Thursday, September 01, 2005

The great migration is begining.

It has started. The atmosphere is slowly becoming electric. The buildup started early in the week. You can feel it as you walk around. It's the talk of the town. The great migration is begining.

I have long said that there is almost nothing better than a football Saturday in the fall on The Plains. The buildup begins on Wednesday. That's the day that, per University rules, the RVs can roll onto the far corners of campus. They and the other tailgaters won't be allowed into central campus until 4 pm Friday, but come Wednesday morning, they are in the Walmart parking lot waiting for the hour when they can legally arrive on campus.

The campus has become abuzz with football fever. It's all anyone is talking about. The student paper ran a coverstory, most other stories related to football some way or another. They profiled the coach, they profiled the mascot, they profiled our star wideout. By Friday there will be almost no point in attending or even holding class. Everyone is ready to get out and get their drink on, get the party started. Most people will attend their morning classes, but by the afternoon, sometimes attendance drops to 50 percent of those enrolled.

Saturday, well by Saturday driving in the downtown corridor will pretty much be impossible. Open container laws will be completely ignored and I will sit with 87,000 of my closet friends and watch my boys win a ballgame.


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