Friday, September 30, 2005

I hate Miller Light.

Earlier in the week, a friend who sits behind me in Marketing Strategy told me about a hurricane relief night her boss was helping sponsor at a local watering hole. Trying to be a good patriotic American and never being one to pass up drinking brews to help those less fortunate, I couldn't say no. Plus the fact that I had the chance of seeing her outside of the class setting was definitely a factor in my decision.

Convincing my roommate to go with me, we headed out last night about nine fortyfive. When we got there, things hadn't really started heating up, so we passed the time playing pool and getting our drink on. A few hours later more folks (and importantly girls) started filtering in. The Miller Light girls were even on hand passing out free schwag. I hate Miller Light and would never, ever spend money on it so I was ineligible for any free goodies. When my roommate found out they were passing out penalty flags, he broke down, bought a Miller Light and got a free penalty flag. I switched beers with him, just so I could get one as well.

At that point, he decided it was time for us to 'go hunting'. And we did. We went to the back of the bar, where the shitty coverband (sidenote: There is absolutely no original music scene here, all it is is shitty coverbands all weekend long, Too bad we don't have a scene like Athens...) was getting going. Roommate spotted some girls he knew and the night was on from there. We sat and talked for a little while until we hit the dancefloor. By this time, I had just enough alcohol in my system to allow me to dance. I danced most of the evening away with newly met girls and had a good time. Around two when it became evident things were winding down and I'd be going home alone, that's just what I did. I came home, drank as much water as my stomach could handle and passed out.

I enjoyed going out last night. I met some cute girls, and danced with a few of them. All in all it was a good night even if I felt like shit this morning.

Mood: Tired
Music: Dropkick Murphys


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