Friday, September 09, 2005

I've literally run myself into the ground.

Oh, the irony is thick. Not too long ago, I wrote an entry about how I've become addicted to running. Well, last Wednesday, I was out at the track doing speedwork with some of my running friends. My plan called for 5x800, but they were doing 4x1200. I ran the first three with them, keeping their pace but cutting it one lap short so I just got my 800 meters in. On the last one, rather than run a 800 and then another by myself, I decided just to join them for the full 1200 meters. I pushed it really hard, seeing as I was actually cutting my workout a little short of what was scheduled. We then ran a mile and a half cool down and called it quits for the day. We hung out a bit, chatting and basically shooting the shit, then went out separate ways for the night.

On Thursday, I woke up and got over to campus for class. Walking around campus, I developed a significant pain in my left knee, on the outside of my patella. It became worse the more I walked. I sat down, rubbing my knee and trying to figure out what was going on. My knee continued to hurt for the remainder of the day. I decided to take the day off from running. Friday when I woke up, same thing. Pain in the knee. I tried to run, but the pain became unbearable only after a few hundred meters. I decided to quit, not wanting to hurt myself further. I considered running Saturday, but took the day off.

Sunday, I did run, and the knee felt OK. Afterwards though, it hurt pretty bad. I iced it, hoping to help any damage I'd done. On Monday I took the day off again but went swimming at the aquatics center. Tuesday, I was feeling better and decided to go out for an easy 4.3 miles. The knee didn't exactly feel good afterwards but there was much less discomfort than on Sunday. I swam Wednesday and Thursday for an hour each, trying to keep in some semblance of shape. Today, I'm taking the day completely off in anticipation of running tomorrow morning with the running club. The knee feels pretty much normal today, no real pain to speak of.

Being injured the last week has been really hard. It has been mentally painful keeping myself on the couch and not running. I've put in a lot of hard work to get in good shape and I have a lot of hard work left to go before I get to December 10. I want to be in top form for the race so I can do good.

I hooked up with my current running buddies from the Summer 5K series. They have been running much longer than I have and have a higher base mileage than I do. I like running with them for the companionship, but also because I have to push myself to keep up with them. Running with them makes me better.

I'm not sure what my plan forward is going to be. I'm fairly convinced that my injury was due to basic overuse, going too fast, too far, too soon. My training schedule really ramps up the miles in the next weeks and I don't know if my body can handle them. Mentally I can. I'm ready and willing to put in all the work that it takes but I don't know if my body can handle it.

I've literally run myself into the ground. If the injury stuff isn't enough, there is more to tell. But, I have to go to class now.


Blogger Snowman said...

Take it easy with the knees, trust me on this one. Better if you go swim a couple of extra lengths then you fuck up your knee. Did a similar thing in high-school. Going for the line-up in the senior team in our Swedish National Hockey League. Cost me big time, my back took all costs and at 3/4 of the season I couldn't bend forward to wash my face... Well I could bend forward but I couldn't straight my back afterwards without to cry out in pain. Took me over a year of rehab before I could play again at high level and even then I always needed to work out my back two times more then anybody else.
My problem was too much leg muscles and not enough abdominal and back. I so to say pushed with my legs but couldn't take the hit with my upper body. Now almost 6 years later I still need to work out regularly or the pain comes back. Sucks but that’s life. So be careful and listen to your body.

7:44 AM  
Blogger schmims said...

I'm only 27 and I can already tell you when it's going to rain. I have patellar tendonitus (sp?) in both knees from college soccer. Freezing water in dixie cups, pealing the cup off and then rubbing the ice in circular motion over the area helps.

You might want to try a running smith. They will have you run in the store and tell you which shoe type fits your style. It really helps to have the right shoes for you.

Most of my serious running friends train on the eliptical since it's low impact. Also, you might want to opt to stay off the pavement and hit the trail. I run on the side of the track in the grass at the complex where I coach.

5:40 AM  

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