Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Beagle enjoys dryer sheets.

Much like I suffer from addiction to running, Beagle is not without her own vices. It's not really an addiction per se. It's really more of a fixation. It developed when she was very young and continues to this very day.

My Beagle enjoys dryer sheets. Not just any dryer sheet though, only the spent ones. If she finds a wayward sheet that has not been through the cycle, she leaves it alone, only the spent ones will do. When she was just a pup, she would root through the pile of clean clothes searching them out. Most often today though I snag them before she has a chance to happen upon them.

I call her over and tell her to sit. Then I show her my bounty. She gets excited. Sometimes I'll make her do another trick, but usually I just give it to her. She courteously takes it very gingerly from me. Then she proceeds to her task. Ripping it to shreds.
She spends a few minutes ripping, gleefully. Then it's over. It's done. She leaves the remnants of the once proud dryer sheet for me to pick up later.

Very strange indeed. This is the only thing that she does this with. She doesn't rip up papers, newspaper or printing paper. Only dryer sheets. Ah, Beagle, so strange but such a good girl. Proud of herself for a job well done.

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Blogger schmims said...

My beagle has bigger ears. They're ginormous and they float when she swims. The mutt is my shreader. She once even shreaded sandpaper.

10:20 AM  

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