Monday, October 31, 2005

Running on ten spikes

Soccer went well on Thursday night. Team Great Wall wasn't nearly as fearsome as their name might suggest. We jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead and never really looked back. I still didn't play as well as I know I can. When I mess up, I feel like everyone's eyes are on me and they are all talking about how much I suck. N made it out to the game and said I played well. It's nice to have her come out and support me. I appreicate it.

As I've mentioned before, I haven't played since high school so my boots have just been sitting around in storage for the last five years eagerly awaiting the day they'd be brought out of retirement for one more chance at glory. Last year, Brother called and asked if he could borrow them for his intramurals, I agreed and mailed them off to Clemson.

I got them back this fall and they were in even worse shape than I sent them off in. I was expecting it, but these boots are truly on their last legs. I've lost one spike and other broke off leaving the hole filled with the threaded stud. I'm already at a disadvantage running on ten spikes instead of the customary twelve.

Last week, after I put them on, Roommate and I started to warm up. I felt a sudden piercing sensation just behind my right big toe. I couldn't run. This wasn't the odd rock in my shoe, it was as if I was running on needles.

Taking off my boot, I could see the problem immediately. Not knowing what to do and not having the materials to properly pad my foot, I found some athletic tape and taped the hell of of my toes.This seemed to work for a little while, but eventually, the sharp metal worked it's way through the tape.At this point, I don't really know what a solution is other than a new footbed insert. I can't afford new boots and there is no real reason to go buy any since I'll only be playing another month anyway. It's not even like I'm a penny pinching tight ass who won't spring for new ones. I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it, jerry rigging a solution every week. To anyone out there in reader land who might not be a poor college student, when you get your new boots in the mail and begin to enjoy the soft new leather, remember those who are less fortunate.

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Halloween Beagle

The Beagle would like to wish everyone, including Pete, a Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Unload your misery in perfect solitude.

Since I'm graduating in December, I've been getting a little sentimental about campus and school in general. For example. I've been thinking of all the things I've never done around campus that I actually want/need to do before I leave. These things include, eating at the Barbeque House, Rolling Toomers after every win, playing intramural soccer. Simple things that make Auburn great.

I was looking at the school newspaper's message boards this morning and came across this. Apparently, it origianated as an email and has spread through word of mouth ever since. I suddenly have ten more things to do before I graduate.

The top 10 places to take a crap, at Auburn University.

10. First floor lobby of Telfair Peet Theatre in the afternoon. After the intro classes have left, and before evening shows, the lobby provides plenty of privacy to pinch a loaf.

9. Any men's bathroom in a Hill dormitory. Really, who else is using them? Gentlemen, make sure it's a daily deuce, because security
keeps you out at night (unless you have a special lady).

8. Fourth floor of Haley Center. People are too lazy to walk
beyond the third floor, and there isn't a department located on that floor. Ideal.

7. Bottom floor of the Aero-space Engineering Building. Virtually empty because they're all working for NASA. Wall-sized mirror is an added
plus. Right next to Toomer's Corner.

6. Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum, non-game day. It's open all
day, provides multiple levels for increased options, and each bathroom is an immense cave. Ideal during the long walks from the CDV-Ext.

5. Third floor of the RBD Library. There are secret bathrooms located on the back wall (Mell Street side). Even during peak library hours,
you can sneak in and exorcise the demons. This would be higher on the list but neglect from the library staff has lessened its value.

4. Anywhere in the Life Sciences Building. Is there ever anyone in the Life Sciences Building? Bad location moves it down the list.

3. Top floor in Funchess Hall. Thanks to all the turf and soil research in the building, you can enjoy the enriching bucolic atmosphere provided by the Agriculture Dept. Located across the street from the Barbeque House means quick access when the squirts start to come.

2. Second floor of Biggin Hall (Art Dept). The building is currently undergoing renovation, but it represents the ideal "quick

Thanks to the low crime rate in Auburn, most buildings are open 24
That makes Toomer's bar-hopping (I use the term loosely here) much easier on the bladder. The trick here is to ignore your drunken IQ and take advantage of this opportunity when it is presented.

1. Bottom floor of Tichenor Hall. Down the hall from the
Testing Services office is a ramp leading to some storage closets. Thanks to Accessibility laws, the ramp provides perfect cover for a bathroom tucked away in the corner of that hallway. The low population of the hallway means little to no traffic. Residents take so much pride in their hidden bathroom that they placed air fresheners in every stall. Strategically located beside Foy Union means that after chowing down on a Chick-fil-A grease patty, you can unload your misery in perfect solitude.

And there it is folks. The best bathrooms of Auburn
University. Please understand that my male-dominated experience with bathrooms may have clouded my opinion. For those of you still in Auburn, I invite you to take a tour of these fine facilities before you leave the Plains.

I think I'll start my expedition this afternoon when I return to campus.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The anatomy of a great day

It's funny how sometimes things can just come out of the blue right at you. I think for today, we are going to examine the anatomy of a great day at least in the life of me.

Being Thursday, I didn't have any early morning commitments so I was able to sleep in a bit. This was the first Thursday I've gotten to be lazy in the morning in a while, with all my interviews and such. It was nice getting to wake up naturally rather than to the agonizing beeping of the alarm. It didn't get quite as cold last night so there was no frost on the grass when I went out to walk the Beagle.

I was slow about doing much of anything this morning. I made myself a hot breakfast for the first time in ages. Two pouches of instant grits. It sure beats the cold Honey Nut Cheerios I've been eating recently. I got ready, finally getting to wear my blazer I bought back when it was way too hot for a jacket much less corduroy.

Class was fine, I spent most of it reading the school paper which comes out on Wednesdays. Coming out of class, I was a bit hungry so I walked over to Subway for a quick six incher. I love Subway, it is definitely my fast food of choice.

When I got home, I was about to settle into an afternoon of general unproductivity when I got a call. Flipping open my phone, I didn't recognize the number on the Caller ID. Turns out that it was my friend, who I wrote about recently. She was coming through town on return from a business trip. Finding out she hadn't had any lunch yet, I told her to drop by and we'd go grab something.

She got to the apartment and got out of her car. First thing, she's as hot and beautiful as I remember. Second, we gave each other a big hug right off. We headed out in search of food.

Since I'd already eaten it was a bit strange. If you've ever eaten with someone who wasn't eating you know that it can be a bit wierd. Other than that, things were not wierd at all. The conversation flowed and there were no awkward pauses or moments with nothing to talk about. The conversation covered a variety of topics from graduation and work to old boyfriends and girlfriends.

After lunch, we cruised town for a while talking, laughing and seeing all the things that have changed (especially campus) since she was last here. She dropped me off so she could continue her drive home.

Later this afternoon, I've just been hanging out doing a bit of work on the computer. Roommate and I went and kicked the soccer ball, practicing for the big game tonight against team Great Wall. I've got lab in an hour and then it's off to the intramural fields to finish the day with soccer.

So, that's it, the anatomy of a great day. Restful, relaxing, soccer and a suprise visit from an old friend. I know I had fun this afternoon with her and I think she had fun with me too. Her travels bring her through town fairly often, so I'm hoping she will call next time she comes in and we can hang out again. As I've said before, she is tons of fun to be around and we get on great.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The return of Jack

I got up this morning about seven fifteen to get ready for the day and head out to my Archaeology test. I did the customary morning things, get up, use bathroom, feed cat, walk to living room to scrounge for breakfast. I knew the overnight low was supposed to dip on down into the thirties but when I came out, I saw something I was not expecting. The return of Jack Frost. I looked out across the parking lot and the other buildings had a thin layer of frost canvassing the rooftops.

I shuffled my Acorn slippered self over to my handy dandy weather station and saw that it was a brisk 36.2 degrees Farenheit outside. Not freezing, but brisk. By the time I got around to walking the Beagle, it had warmed up slightly. By the time I was ready to scoot to campus, it was nearing forty.

Scooting in this type weather isn't exactly, let's say, comfortable. It requires that I bundle up wearing an outerlayer of Gore-tex or at least Windstopper. Then I slide on my less than windproof gloves and flip down my plastic shield on my helmet. At that point, I'm pretty much ready to teeth chatter my way to campus.

I could get a parking permit and drive the truck to campus. But then I wouldn't have anything to bitch about, except parking a full half mile away from the Business building. I'd use more gas too, which at this point, I can't really afford.

So, I tough it out and scoot where I need to, using the truck sparingly.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I need some pep talking

For your entertainment. This conversation between J2 and I happened this evening. I thought it was blog worthy, even though I don't have a cool shirt that says, "I'm blogging this."

DJ Quickee: dude i started to slow down i need some pep talking
DJ Quickee: dude
dhskicker: what number are you on
DJ Quickee: 8 man i do not think i can make it
dhskicker: WTF
dhskicker: do you remember how shitty you felt on that BOAT today?
DJ Quickee: yeah
dhskicker: and now your pussing out
dhskicker: the test of a true soldier/sailor is perserverence
dhskicker: when faced with an obstacle he believes he cannot overcome
dhskicker: in this case, the tenth beer
dhskicker: he gains strength from within, digs deep and chugs till he reaches his goal
DJ Quickee: this is blog material
DJ Quickee: i love it
DJ Quickee: i can do it
dhskicker: i was just thinking that
DJ Quickee: fuck yeah
dhskicker: you CAN and you WILL
dhskicker: go get another cold one, Now!
DJ Quickee: let me chug this really quick
dhskicker: go go go!
dhskicker: i just went to the fridge and got one for me
dhskicker: so we can do it together!
DJ Quickee: number nine baby
dhskicker: yes
DJ Quickee: chug mother fucker
dhskicker: chugging.... now
DJ Quickee: go!
dhskicker: done!
DJ Quickee: done
DJ Quickee: i love beer
dhskicker: who doesn't
dhskicker: one more
DJ Quickee: hold on
DJ Quickee: oh shit man
dhskicker: what shit?
DJ Quickee: nothing man
dhskicker: why did you oh shit me if it was nothing
DJ Quickee: just cause
dhskicker: tellme hoe
DJ Quickee: suck my left ass chick bitch
dhskicker: well, i wouldnt have to if you'd be forthcoming
DJ Quickee: what number you on
dhskicker: 1 and done
DJ Quickee: done with one i have no motivation to finish the tenth and finally beer
dhskicker: damnage
DJ Quickee: bitch i need someone to help me finish the last beer fuck ass
dhskicker: ok
dhskicker: fridge run
DJ Quickee: i just cracked number TEN 10
dhskicker: i'm on two
dhskicker: pizzas here
dhskicker: later
DJ Quickee: fuck you
DJ Quickee: halo 2 bitch

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Unable to capitalize.

Soccer. Thursday. For anyone who's ever played Little League or Dixie Youth, you know the ten run rule. Basically what happens is that if you go up by ten or more runs, the losing team has one inning to get back in the game, if they don't the umpire stops the bloodfest and calls the game, no matter what inning.

Well, apparently the same type rules exist in modern college intramurals. Our team had a good showing, enough for line changes of the six field players. Suprisingly, even though roommate and I were newcomers, we got starting nods. I started at right midfield, just where I wanted to play. The halves were 25 minutes a piece. By the end of the first, we were up 4-0. We made a line change right before the half so the second team started the half. Rather than dropping the ball back at the whistle which is relatively customary, it was rolled forward once and a shot was launched from midpitch. It was perfect. The inexperienced Keeper was caught offguard and the ball floated just under the crossbar. Immaculate.

Roommate and I spend our childhood in smalltown Alabama and soccer didn't actually reach the city until we were 12 or so. I'd played before but when I was much younger. Since no one in town had ever played, skills were very low and I spent my 12-16 years being one of the better players in town but not really developing as one in a more competitive environment would.

When we got to the intramural fields and found our team, I was a bit intimidated right off the bat. The guys we were playing with probably all played at the varsity level in highschool and all had very good touch on the ball. Once we got into the game though everything seemed ok and roommate and I didn't embarass ourselves.

My touch could use some work. I wasn't very accurate in my passing and need/will improve. I didn't place balls at my teammates feet and I rushed a few others when I should have been more patient. I missed headed a crossing ball that was perfectly played. Rather than getting a nice whip into it, I lowered my head and let it hit the top of my crown. It sailed harmlessly over the goalpost. There were a few other times when I should have scored but was unable to capitalize.

All in all, it was good. We showed our national pride destroying the team of Indians (continental, think Bangalore) that we played. This week, we are playing team Great Wall (no kidding) the Chinese/Asian team. From what I saw on Thursday night, they should be more competitive, but I still think we can take them.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fuck me.

I've been getting ready for the day, putting on my monkeysuit, getting ready to go interview with a bank for their Management Training Program. As I've been putting on my Banana Republic suit, I've been listening to NOFX.

For my few readers who might be more familiar with the Jam band scene, NOFX is a punk band that's been doing their thing as well as just about any drug you can think of since the early eighties. They are about as anti establishment as you can get. I guess that makes me a giant fucking poser. Listening to them rant and rave against the president, corporations and pretty much anything else that resembles 'the man'. And, here I am, going and basically begging at his feet for a job. Fuck me. I'm not nearly as hardcore as I thought, I'm basically no better than a teeny bopper who shops at Hot Topic. Fuck me.

Here's a sample of some Fat Mike lyrics that particularly strike home, from Pimps and Hookers:

give it up for workin stiffs
and those who sell their bodies,time and future
the popular people who can shout and spread
a catchy rationalization
lets give a cheer for androids, robots,
servants and their masters
"blind leading the blind" and "slavery is freedom"
starts to resound
everyone knew madison
she came to hollywood
a couple buttons short
couldnt keep her story straight
she had a drawer full of poisons,
punctures, pictures of victims

of course someone asks are they still victims if
they never realize it? go ask a PA minor
breathing blackness smoking 3 pack camels
loyal americans who love their collar colored
for 40 hours a spade is still a spade, a collar is still
a collar whether it be blue or white
its still around your neck, the silk leash nice and tight
your wife helped pick it out the irony is
that your worked 3 hours for it you wish you
could ignore it

you're a hooker.

start to realize its true
they sniff their coke you huff your glue
pimps and prostitutes
buisnessmen in monkey suits
on their knees
licking corporate boots
suckin up jumping through hoops
pimps and wall street ho's
work the street in business clothes
blows jobs, rimming, sucking cock,

they're getting laid while you're getting laid off.

Basically, I'm a hooker.

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Uncomfortable, awkward situations.

I knew it was coming. I knew it. Take a look at the comments for the last post and you'll see what I mean. It was inevitable. I knew as soon as I wrote about the crush, someone would come along and say, "Dude, you have to let her know." So it came as no suprise when our good friend Marit was the first.

The thing is, just like most hot blooded American Dudes, I've had my fair share of crushes throughout the years. Most, I've never done anything about. Some like The Scientist, turn out to be a little fling that was fun for a while. But mostly, I just let them fester and eventually fade away -- and there is a reason for that.

I took that advice once. In High School. I had a huge crush on a girl. She was in my drama class, and damn cute. We talked everyday, we flirted, we had fun. Then one day, on the advice of my friend, I told her what I thought about her. Things were never the same after that. Things got wierd. Sure it was in highschool and uncomfortable, awkward situations were the norm but the good thing I had, having her as a friend whom I just happened to lust after, well that ended once I let my 'true' feelings be known.

That's why I sit back and say nothing to this creative girl. Plus, she's so... everything, that she's probably way out of my league anyway.

So, I sit back, and we talk every now and then and eventually we will lose contact and go about our lives, and one day, I'll probably forget about her and things will be ok... Better than the alternative of saying, "hey, I dig you, wanna go out?" and being shot down and things getting all wierd.

Yeah, maybe I'll never know unless I try, but maybe I won't end up with a broken heart if I don't try either. So, I'm standing on the edge, ready to jump, knowing I probably never will. Sad, but true.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Secret crush.

I have a crush on a girl. I've had this crush for quite some time. A while ago, I had a literature class where the teacher was a horrible wench. I'm not sure if that was the driving force, but for some reason, the class really bonded as a group. The girl I have a crush on was in that class.

It's funny because for the first year or so that I was here at school, she actually lived across the street from me in some older apartments. My roommates and I used to comment on how hot she was and how we'd all like to get to know her (read: shag her). Anyway, so I developed this superficial crush on this girl from afar, seeing her every now and then but never actually talking to her.

Through fate, we ended up in this Lit class together and became friends. At the time, she was in a relationship, and I was with N. Not that I even think she has ever thought of me as anything more than a friend, but I definitly like her.

In the words of my womanizing roommate, "She's so damn hot." But, it's not just that. She's absolutely fun to be around, she has such a great attitude and is very funny. She's also damn creative. I've seen some of her work and it's great stuff, she comes up with things I'd never even think of designing in a hundred years.

She graduated and moved away a year and some ago. We still talk occasionally but I haven't seen her since she left town. She seems to be doing good, doing her thing a few hours away. I've suggested that she come to town for a game one weekend and told her to call me if she's ever in town, but nothing has ever come of it... and I doubt it ever will. It's still fun though to have a secret crush.

Selling out to the (wo)man.

Yesterday was a great day. It started out by going to do my volunteering which was fun. We have a few new Bald Eagles and it's always cool to work with them. The one I got a chance to see seemed like a good candidate for release, so hopefully we can get him healthy and get him back out to the wild.

I went to my interview and things went great. I was able to establish a repore with the guy and we got on well. I scored really well on the Wonderlic test he had given the night before and I pretty much nailed the questions he asked me. He also made us take a personality profile test called the Predictive Index. That one is a bunch of corporate hooey if you ask me, but I took it anyway.

If I make it to the next round of interviews, I'll get brought up to the corporate headquarters in New Jersey. The second interview would be with he and his boss. I'm really hoping to get to the second round. Worldwide, they get 55,000 applications for 400 spots. Domestically, they get 2000 for 20. I'd love to get this job lots of traveling internationally, several trips to Copenhagen and eventually a 2 year international assignment.

He told me that generally they are a pretty laid back company, all the offices are business casual except New Jersey, Copenhagen, and San Paolo. He told me that if I am invited to come up, I'll need to shave my beard. Apparently his boss, a woman does not like facial hair. I have had my beard for two years now and it's a part of who I am. I have always thought of it as nice, I keep it trimmed close and it is actually a beard, I dont' have the gaps and hairless spaces most 23 year old guys have. In short, I love my beard and I'm damn proud of it. I don't know if I really would want to shave it but given a shot at this job I probably will. It just feels like I'm selling out to the (wo)man.

I guess it's easier to fight the system from within though, right?

Monday, October 17, 2005

I think it was the sushi.

I've got a case of the Maritarrhea. I think it was the sushi. I'm hoping it will pass.

Life has been crazy. Well, this weekend it wasn't exactly crazy. I spent most of Saturday watching football. And good football it was. Saturday evening, I spent listening to football because there were no moving pictures of my team being broadcast. This week, life is back to its crazy ways.

Tomorrow morning, I have an interview with a massive shipping conglomerate. Wednesday, I have an interview with an industry leading 3PL. Thursday, I have an interview with a bank. I'm hoping something good will come out of one of these three. I'd really love to get a job with this shipping conglomerate. They have an awesome training program with lots of travel to Copenhagen. Then you get an international assignment for two years where you can choose to go to one of about one hundred countries. I'm not feeling particularly confident in myself right now, but I'm going to give it the ol' college try in these next few.

Thursday is when the week will really kick into fun mode. Thursday evening, I have my first soccer match in approximatly five and a half years. It should be fun. I've never played an intramural sport and I figured I ought to before I'm out of here. So it begins Thursday at nine on the pitch.

Roommate and I got ahold of a new soccer ball care of Target and have been kicking it around trying to get into game form so hopefully we won't embarrass ourselves later in the week. I'm hoping for a nice performance, although I know it isn't likely I'll do anything as dramatic as this, at least not yet.... beware, once I get my touch back, it's on!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fastest mile ever.

Today was a fairly crap day. I had an interview yesterday, and I killed it. I got called back for another today. Different interviewer. Less repore. Higher stress. This time, it killed me. I'm sure I left him thinking I'm the guy for the job even though, I know I'm the guy for the job.

On a happier note, I ran four miles on the treadmill at the gym with N yesterday. No knee pain. Knock on wood. This evening, we did our usual track workout. I ran fairly hard, six miles in total. The mile that I actually did hard I came in at 5:33. Fastest mile ever for me. Finishing the workout, there still has not been any knee pain. Knock on wood.

Things are looking up as far as running goes, now I just wonder if anyone is going to hire me. I have another interview tomorrow morning. I've reasearched the company and feel fairly well prepared. Here's to hoping it goes well. Cheers.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Navy boy.

Sometimes I go through periods of self doubt. For instance, I often wonder if my blog is nothing more than a high tech diary. I don't think I have many regular readers, save Mr. German guy, Schmims and Marit. Why's that, probably because my blog is much like everyone eles. Not much more than a journal of the days events. Well, other than the fact that I had an interview today and got called back for a second one tomorrow, not much happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked on my second interview tomorrow, but not much was blogworthy.

Since I have nothing interesting to posit, I guess I'll just leave you with the conversation between a college guy and a navy boy. You may not find it particularly interesting but, maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of it. Enjoy!

*Warning: Slurs to minoritys are contained within, if you are easily offended by kidding between friends, stop reading now*

[19:18] dhskicker: bitchass
[19:18] DJ Quickee: what up slutfuck
[19:18] dhskicker: not alot how are you?
[19:18] dhskicker: about to grab a brew to get some drinkage on
[19:19] DJ Quickee: i got off work and started drinking but i am done since i got work early
[19:23] DJ Quickee: dude
[19:23] dhskicker: dude
[19:24] DJ Quickee: i want your sister
[19:24] dhskicker: cool
[19:27] DJ Quickee: no i really want your sis
[19:27] dhskicker: [19:27] dhskicker: josh huzinga thinks your hot
[19:27] *** Auto-response from LauraLu104: swit swooo
[19:27] dhskicker: he wants you.
[19:27] dhskicker: that's what i just sent her
[19:28] DJ Quickee: swit swoo what the fuck is that
[19:28] dhskicker: dunno
[19:28] dhskicker: she is partying tonight
[19:29] DJ Quickee: how did you do the panaramic shots
[19:30] dhskicker: with coolness
[19:30] dhskicker: contact LD right now
[19:30] dhskicker: lauralu104
[19:30] dhskicker: she wants to talk to you
[19:30] DJ Quickee: LD what is htat
[19:30] DJ Quickee: hold on the food is burning
[19:35] dhskicker: talking to LD?
[19:38] DJ Quickee: sorry had to clean the oven my food split over
[19:38] DJ Quickee: she wants to talk to me
[19:38] dhskicker: what kinda food? tv dinner?
[19:38] DJ Quickee: sweet
[19:38] DJ Quickee: pot pie
[19:38] dhskicker: yeah, get your mac on, bitach
[19:38] DJ Quickee: you bull shit me
[19:39] dhskicker: no bull shit
[19:42] dhskicker: ya mackin?
[19:43] DJ Quickee: just talking right
[19:43] dhskicker: yeah
[19:43] dhskicker: go for it sucker
[19:46] dhskicker: go go go
[19:46] dhskicker: i just talked her into coming for the bama game
[19:46] dhskicker: and she is bringing clemson girls!@
[19:46] DJ Quickee: oh yeah
[19:49] DJ Quickee: sweet
[19:50] dhskicker: so are you talkin?
[19:51] DJ Quickee: yeah
[19:53] dhskicker: fuckwad, quit putting words in my mouth
[19:54] DJ Quickee: i am not putting words in your mouth
[19:55] dhskicker: you told her i said she was un party animale!
[19:55] DJ Quickee: yep
[19:55] DJ Quickee: so who the fuck cares
[19:55] DJ Quickee: don;t get your panties in a wad
[19:55] dhskicker: in a bunch...
[19:55] dhskicker: too late
[20:04] DJ Quickee: dude how long has it been since i came to washington
[20:04] dhskicker: mmm
[20:05] dhskicker: four, five years
[20:05] DJ Quickee: more than that
[20:05] DJ Quickee: i think 6 or 7
[20:08] dhskicker: possibly
[20:09] DJ Quickee: you are gay
[20:10] dhskicker: you are gay
[20:11] DJ Quickee: don't be mad
[20:11] dhskicker: i'm not
[20:12] DJ Quickee: nip/tuck man it is on in a fwe
[20:12] dhskicker: yeah, gaywad, go watch your faggot plastic surgery show
[20:13] DJ Quickee: it is a awsome show you should watch it
[20:14] dhskicker: i'd rather not be a fudgepacker
[20:26] DJ Quickee: i think your sis thinks i am a alcholic
[20:33] dhskicker: dude, you are
[20:34] DJ Quickee: you are supposed to tell me i am not thanks for the support
[20:34] dhskicker: you are not
[20:34] dhskicker: i am here to support you
[20:34] dhskicker: you are great
[20:34] dhskicker: i love you
[20:35] DJ Quickee: thanks
[20:35] dhskicker: you are welcome
[20:35] dhskicker: how is niptuck?
[20:36] DJ Quickee: starts in 20 minutes
[20:37] dhskicker: ok
[20:42] dhskicker: did you guys get drunk at the ballgame?
[20:43] DJ Quickee: we drank at the game but they stopped selling at half time
[20:43] dhskicker: booooo!!!
[20:43] DJ Quickee: tell me about it i had a dd
[20:44] dhskicker: fuckin a
[20:45] DJ Quickee: fuckin a is right
[20:47] dhskicker: so what did you do, just sit sober in the stands and cheer like a puss?
[20:48] dhskicker: i bet you guys wore your white uni's just to get on tv, and you probably had signs like, "chad johnson is my bitch"
[20:50] DJ Quickee: nope just tried to piss off all the jacksonville fans
[20:50] dhskicker: how's that?
[20:50] DJ Quickee: make fun of their dumb players
[20:50] dhskicker: oh, for those panoramics, I used a prog called autostitch, google it
[20:51] DJ Quickee: what did you take like 10 pics then put them together
[20:51] dhskicker: pretty much
[20:52] DJ Quickee: cool
[20:54] dhskicker: go niptuck, bitch
[20:57] dhskicker: what do you call those white navy uniforms?
[20:58] DJ Quickee: why
[20:58] dhskicker: just wondering
[20:59] DJ Quickee: dress whites
[20:59] DJ Quickee: and summer whites
[20:59] dhskicker: ha, thanks
[20:59] dhskicker: i've got something coming for you
[21:00] dhskicker: just remember to check the blog later
[21:00] DJ Quickee: sweet
[21:00] dhskicker: yeah, sweet as your tight ass
[21:01] DJ Quickee: thanks fuck head
[21:01] dhskicker: so, how is your sister
[21:01] dhskicker: is she still with the engineer?
[21:01] dhskicker: tell her I'm available
[21:01] DJ Quickee: ha
[21:01] DJ Quickee: i will tell her
[21:01] dhskicker: no you won't you are too nice to actually break up their marriage
[21:02] DJ Quickee: i will tell her but that is not going to break up the marriage
[21:02] dhskicker: i've been listening to more HIM lately, they are pretty good if you give them the chance, and are in the mood
[21:03] DJ Quickee: i like the fireball ministry
[21:04] dhskicker: are they lovemetal like him
[21:04] DJ Quickee: no
[21:04] DJ Quickee: heavy metal
[21:04] dhskicker: heavy or death?
[21:04] DJ Quickee: heavy
[21:05] dhskicker: neato!
[21:05] DJ Quickee: some shit is going down tonight on mip tuck
[21:06] dhskicker: such as
[21:06] dhskicker: hasn't it started yet?
[21:06] DJ Quickee: i am wathcing it right now
[21:07] dhskicker: ooh, a multi tasking navy boy!
[21:07] dhskicker: i'm thinking of moving to jacksonville
[21:08] DJ Quickee: why
[21:08] dhskicker: to hang with you
[21:08] dhskicker: and watch the jaguars
[21:08] DJ Quickee: if you get a job do it man
[21:08] dhskicker: we could move in and be best busddies
[21:09] DJ Quickee: of course buddy
[21:10] dhskicker: woo wooo woo
[21:10] DJ Quickee: yeah
[21:11] DJ Quickee: hey you sis can move in with me to
[21:11] dhskicker: great idea!
[21:11] dhskicker: why don't you just get her pregnant while you are at it
[21:12] DJ Quickee: nope not doing that
[21:12] DJ Quickee: dude what happened to your truck holy fuck man
[21:13] dhskicker: somebody fuckin kicked in my fender
[21:13] dhskicker: completely random
[21:13] dhskicker: had no idea
[21:13] dhskicker: and i haven't even pissed anyone off lately
[21:13] DJ Quickee: maybe you have
[21:14] dhskicker: mabye
[21:14] dhskicker: i did get a new sticker
[21:14] dhskicker: "your mama is ugly and sends you to bama"
[21:15] DJ Quickee: you bitch
[21:15] dhskicker: it's the sticker
[21:15] dhskicker: only an opinion
[21:16] dhskicker: it was probably a jerk like you that kicked in my fender
[21:16] dhskicker: fucking Bama fans
[21:16] DJ Quickee: roll itde mother fucker
[21:16] DJ Quickee: tide
[21:17] dhskicker: right...
[21:23] DJ Quickee: so how much longer till the blog is updated
[21:23] dhskicker: till we finish this conversation
[21:23] dhskicker: are you done?
[21:24] DJ Quickee: i want to see the updated blog man do that shit
[21:24] dhskicker: ok, end conversation.

So, that's it. You've made it through the whole thing.

Mood: Hungry
Music: Dropkick Muprhys

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kick their face in

My truck was vandalized overnight. I'm not really sure why. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why anyone would want to kick in my front fender. That's exactly what happened. Someone took their boot and kicked my truck approximately three times. My truck didn't do anything to them and as far as I know, I didn't either.

What is this world coming to? I don't know. I thought I lived in a nice apartment complex. Away from trashy, drunken students and other riffraff. Just think, no one is safe. Gretta the Jetta could even be next. If I do happen to find the perps responsible though, I'm doing justice vigilante style. I'm going to have Schmims kick their face in, just like they did to my poor litte truck.

Mood: Pissed
Music: Boys Night Out

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Such a wiley bastard.

I'm interviewing with another 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) this morning. They are a big company but seem like they have lots to offer. I'm actually pretty excited about this one. I've done lots of research, have taken copious notes and feel well prepared. The interview isn't till 10:30 but I got up early so I'd have ample time to get prepared. I guess I could have slept a little more because as it stands now, I have nothing to do for a little while. It's still far to early to get dressed.

Of course it hasn't rained since the last time I had a batch of interviews. What does it decided to do today, the day I need to suit up and trek across campus in my formalwear? Fucking rain. Damn that Xib Chac, such a wiley bastard.

Jorden-Hare (Jeerdan-Hair)

Under the lights at vs USC. Life doesn't get much better than being with Eighty Seven Thousand+ of your best friends on a Saturday night in the fall.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lynam Sucks

Celebrating the win on Saturday night, I was invited to go out with a girl from class. I agreed to meet her at a local bar to drink, listen to music and be merry. After standing in line for 15 minutes, I finally got in and met up with my friend. I'd never been to this particular bar before and it was quite an experience. The bar is one of the longer standing drinking establishments here in town and in fact was named one of Playboy's Top 100 College Bars. I was assured that the band for the evening was one of very high quality and entertainment value.

As it turns out, Lynam sucks. They came out on stage and got ready to play. From what I'd heard, they do actually play original music (rare for a band in town) but they also play covers to keep the crowd interested. They are a three piece. The lead singer is rail thin and looks like a cross between a heroin addict and a 70's punk icon. (I looked for track marks and didn't see any, so I don't think he's actually a heroin addict, just skinny as one.) Although they seemed to be heavily punk influenced, there was a aura of glam rock to them as well. They wore eye shadow and eyeliner. Their nails were painted, and their hair looked as though they spend more time on it each day than I do on mine in an entire year.

Overall they were good. Playing crowd favorites as well as some 'good' songs. They even played the Ramones for me.

It was wierd. The bar had a very intimate atmosphere. It was small with a low stage. It felt like I was at a punk rock show in a dive bar, just with a wierd crowd. There were older adults who had gone to the game and were staying in nearby hotels, there were players from the football team, and sorostitutes and fratholes abound. Had it been a harder crowd it would have been awesome. Given the circumstances and the fact that there was no pit or crowd surfing, it was ok. I had a good time, just not the best time.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Football in the deep south

I got up bright and early this morning to go volunteer at the race. It was a ten miler and I decided that with my knee in it's current state, I shouldn't run and risk hurting it further. While I didn't run, I went and volunteered, earning a free tshirt in the process.

For lunch, as I watched Virginia Tech and West Virginia, I decided to order a pizza from Papa Johns. Some people say that football in the deep south is akin to a religious experience and as close to 90,000 will pack the stadium tonight, I can't say I disagree. My religous experience came in a different form today, my pizza. Check out the indisputable photographic evidence.

Oh, by the way, we like our Cox with an X and the gamechickens are going down. War Eagle.