Thursday, October 27, 2005

The anatomy of a great day

It's funny how sometimes things can just come out of the blue right at you. I think for today, we are going to examine the anatomy of a great day at least in the life of me.

Being Thursday, I didn't have any early morning commitments so I was able to sleep in a bit. This was the first Thursday I've gotten to be lazy in the morning in a while, with all my interviews and such. It was nice getting to wake up naturally rather than to the agonizing beeping of the alarm. It didn't get quite as cold last night so there was no frost on the grass when I went out to walk the Beagle.

I was slow about doing much of anything this morning. I made myself a hot breakfast for the first time in ages. Two pouches of instant grits. It sure beats the cold Honey Nut Cheerios I've been eating recently. I got ready, finally getting to wear my blazer I bought back when it was way too hot for a jacket much less corduroy.

Class was fine, I spent most of it reading the school paper which comes out on Wednesdays. Coming out of class, I was a bit hungry so I walked over to Subway for a quick six incher. I love Subway, it is definitely my fast food of choice.

When I got home, I was about to settle into an afternoon of general unproductivity when I got a call. Flipping open my phone, I didn't recognize the number on the Caller ID. Turns out that it was my friend, who I wrote about recently. She was coming through town on return from a business trip. Finding out she hadn't had any lunch yet, I told her to drop by and we'd go grab something.

She got to the apartment and got out of her car. First thing, she's as hot and beautiful as I remember. Second, we gave each other a big hug right off. We headed out in search of food.

Since I'd already eaten it was a bit strange. If you've ever eaten with someone who wasn't eating you know that it can be a bit wierd. Other than that, things were not wierd at all. The conversation flowed and there were no awkward pauses or moments with nothing to talk about. The conversation covered a variety of topics from graduation and work to old boyfriends and girlfriends.

After lunch, we cruised town for a while talking, laughing and seeing all the things that have changed (especially campus) since she was last here. She dropped me off so she could continue her drive home.

Later this afternoon, I've just been hanging out doing a bit of work on the computer. Roommate and I went and kicked the soccer ball, practicing for the big game tonight against team Great Wall. I've got lab in an hour and then it's off to the intramural fields to finish the day with soccer.

So, that's it, the anatomy of a great day. Restful, relaxing, soccer and a suprise visit from an old friend. I know I had fun this afternoon with her and I think she had fun with me too. Her travels bring her through town fairly often, so I'm hoping she will call next time she comes in and we can hang out again. As I've said before, she is tons of fun to be around and we get on great.


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