Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fuck me.

I've been getting ready for the day, putting on my monkeysuit, getting ready to go interview with a bank for their Management Training Program. As I've been putting on my Banana Republic suit, I've been listening to NOFX.

For my few readers who might be more familiar with the Jam band scene, NOFX is a punk band that's been doing their thing as well as just about any drug you can think of since the early eighties. They are about as anti establishment as you can get. I guess that makes me a giant fucking poser. Listening to them rant and rave against the president, corporations and pretty much anything else that resembles 'the man'. And, here I am, going and basically begging at his feet for a job. Fuck me. I'm not nearly as hardcore as I thought, I'm basically no better than a teeny bopper who shops at Hot Topic. Fuck me.

Here's a sample of some Fat Mike lyrics that particularly strike home, from Pimps and Hookers:

give it up for workin stiffs
and those who sell their bodies,time and future
the popular people who can shout and spread
a catchy rationalization
lets give a cheer for androids, robots,
servants and their masters
"blind leading the blind" and "slavery is freedom"
starts to resound
everyone knew madison
she came to hollywood
a couple buttons short
couldnt keep her story straight
she had a drawer full of poisons,
punctures, pictures of victims

of course someone asks are they still victims if
they never realize it? go ask a PA minor
breathing blackness smoking 3 pack camels
loyal americans who love their collar colored
for 40 hours a spade is still a spade, a collar is still
a collar whether it be blue or white
its still around your neck, the silk leash nice and tight
your wife helped pick it out the irony is
that your worked 3 hours for it you wish you
could ignore it

you're a hooker.

start to realize its true
they sniff their coke you huff your glue
pimps and prostitutes
buisnessmen in monkey suits
on their knees
licking corporate boots
suckin up jumping through hoops
pimps and wall street ho's
work the street in business clothes
blows jobs, rimming, sucking cock,

they're getting laid while you're getting laid off.

Basically, I'm a hooker.

Music: NOFX
Mood: Used and abused.


Blogger schmims said...

I know about NoFX thank you very much. Bean, my best friend is all up into the punk music scene. I went to MXPX with her.

oye. oye. oye.

10:19 AM  
Blogger april said...

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11:06 AM  
Blogger april said...

"I'm not nearly as hardcore as I thought, I'm basically no better than a teeny bopper who shops at Hot Topic. Fuck me."

I beg to differ. A Banana Rebulic suit is WAAAAAY better than any article of clothing you could purchase at Hot Topic!

And GOOD FOR YOU going out for this program. You're not begging the man for shit, you're trying to be something. Can't hardcore people have jobs at a bank? Everyone has to earn a living, right?

11:10 AM  
Blogger Walker Wells said...

Dude, this post is ridiculous for about seven reasons. First, there's no obligation on your part for you to agree in spirit or in practice with the messages of the artists you like. Do you need their acceptance or something? I mean, if people tried to satisfy misanthropes like Salvador Dali or apparently NOFX then they'd just go around hating themselves all day. Secondly, not everybody is as lucky as a band that has made it to not have to get a "real job." Moreover, if it weren't for nasty corporations doing things like inventing and promulgating CDs and CD players, then there wouldn't be a music industry and NOFX would have NOCDS; they'd be performing on a street corner, like bards of old. Maybe they think that it better? Banks do some pretty wonderful things. They make markets liquid, so that instead of having capital tied up under your grandmother's bed or in a lock-box in Uncle Vernon's cellar, instead small companies, entrepreneurs, and young people trying to buy a house can borrow that money at a reasonable rate. My guess is somewhere along the line, somebody in NOFX probably took out a loan, and was happy as hell to be able to do it. Hardcore is just a worthless excuse for an ethos that is emotionally and philosophically infantile.

6:07 PM  
Blogger J said...

Point taken.

5:56 PM  

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