Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I need some pep talking

For your entertainment. This conversation between J2 and I happened this evening. I thought it was blog worthy, even though I don't have a cool shirt that says, "I'm blogging this."

DJ Quickee: dude i started to slow down i need some pep talking
DJ Quickee: dude
dhskicker: what number are you on
DJ Quickee: 8 man i do not think i can make it
dhskicker: WTF
dhskicker: do you remember how shitty you felt on that BOAT today?
DJ Quickee: yeah
dhskicker: and now your pussing out
dhskicker: the test of a true soldier/sailor is perserverence
dhskicker: when faced with an obstacle he believes he cannot overcome
dhskicker: in this case, the tenth beer
dhskicker: he gains strength from within, digs deep and chugs till he reaches his goal
DJ Quickee: this is blog material
DJ Quickee: i love it
DJ Quickee: i can do it
dhskicker: i was just thinking that
DJ Quickee: fuck yeah
dhskicker: you CAN and you WILL
dhskicker: go get another cold one, Now!
DJ Quickee: let me chug this really quick
dhskicker: go go go!
dhskicker: i just went to the fridge and got one for me
dhskicker: so we can do it together!
DJ Quickee: number nine baby
dhskicker: yes
DJ Quickee: chug mother fucker
dhskicker: chugging.... now
DJ Quickee: go!
dhskicker: done!
DJ Quickee: done
DJ Quickee: i love beer
dhskicker: who doesn't
dhskicker: one more
DJ Quickee: hold on
DJ Quickee: oh shit man
dhskicker: what shit?
DJ Quickee: nothing man
dhskicker: why did you oh shit me if it was nothing
DJ Quickee: just cause
dhskicker: tellme hoe
DJ Quickee: suck my left ass chick bitch
dhskicker: well, i wouldnt have to if you'd be forthcoming
DJ Quickee: what number you on
dhskicker: 1 and done
DJ Quickee: done with one i have no motivation to finish the tenth and finally beer
dhskicker: damnage
DJ Quickee: bitch i need someone to help me finish the last beer fuck ass
dhskicker: ok
dhskicker: fridge run
DJ Quickee: i just cracked number TEN 10
dhskicker: i'm on two
dhskicker: pizzas here
dhskicker: later
DJ Quickee: fuck you
DJ Quickee: halo 2 bitch


Blogger schmims said...

marit sent me that shirt for my birthday.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Marit said...

I was just going to comment that I got em that shirt for her birthday. hehe.

I have one too. How COOL are we.


6:47 PM  
Blogger J said...

Cooler than AIDS.

6:49 PM  

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