Monday, October 03, 2005

Lynam Sucks

Celebrating the win on Saturday night, I was invited to go out with a girl from class. I agreed to meet her at a local bar to drink, listen to music and be merry. After standing in line for 15 minutes, I finally got in and met up with my friend. I'd never been to this particular bar before and it was quite an experience. The bar is one of the longer standing drinking establishments here in town and in fact was named one of Playboy's Top 100 College Bars. I was assured that the band for the evening was one of very high quality and entertainment value.

As it turns out, Lynam sucks. They came out on stage and got ready to play. From what I'd heard, they do actually play original music (rare for a band in town) but they also play covers to keep the crowd interested. They are a three piece. The lead singer is rail thin and looks like a cross between a heroin addict and a 70's punk icon. (I looked for track marks and didn't see any, so I don't think he's actually a heroin addict, just skinny as one.) Although they seemed to be heavily punk influenced, there was a aura of glam rock to them as well. They wore eye shadow and eyeliner. Their nails were painted, and their hair looked as though they spend more time on it each day than I do on mine in an entire year.

Overall they were good. Playing crowd favorites as well as some 'good' songs. They even played the Ramones for me.

It was wierd. The bar had a very intimate atmosphere. It was small with a low stage. It felt like I was at a punk rock show in a dive bar, just with a wierd crowd. There were older adults who had gone to the game and were staying in nearby hotels, there were players from the football team, and sorostitutes and fratholes abound. Had it been a harder crowd it would have been awesome. Given the circumstances and the fact that there was no pit or crowd surfing, it was ok. I had a good time, just not the best time.


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