Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Navy boy.

Sometimes I go through periods of self doubt. For instance, I often wonder if my blog is nothing more than a high tech diary. I don't think I have many regular readers, save Mr. German guy, Schmims and Marit. Why's that, probably because my blog is much like everyone eles. Not much more than a journal of the days events. Well, other than the fact that I had an interview today and got called back for a second one tomorrow, not much happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked on my second interview tomorrow, but not much was blogworthy.

Since I have nothing interesting to posit, I guess I'll just leave you with the conversation between a college guy and a navy boy. You may not find it particularly interesting but, maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of it. Enjoy!

*Warning: Slurs to minoritys are contained within, if you are easily offended by kidding between friends, stop reading now*

[19:18] dhskicker: bitchass
[19:18] DJ Quickee: what up slutfuck
[19:18] dhskicker: not alot how are you?
[19:18] dhskicker: about to grab a brew to get some drinkage on
[19:19] DJ Quickee: i got off work and started drinking but i am done since i got work early
[19:23] DJ Quickee: dude
[19:23] dhskicker: dude
[19:24] DJ Quickee: i want your sister
[19:24] dhskicker: cool
[19:27] DJ Quickee: no i really want your sis
[19:27] dhskicker: [19:27] dhskicker: josh huzinga thinks your hot
[19:27] *** Auto-response from LauraLu104: swit swooo
[19:27] dhskicker: he wants you.
[19:27] dhskicker: that's what i just sent her
[19:28] DJ Quickee: swit swoo what the fuck is that
[19:28] dhskicker: dunno
[19:28] dhskicker: she is partying tonight
[19:29] DJ Quickee: how did you do the panaramic shots
[19:30] dhskicker: with coolness
[19:30] dhskicker: contact LD right now
[19:30] dhskicker: lauralu104
[19:30] dhskicker: she wants to talk to you
[19:30] DJ Quickee: LD what is htat
[19:30] DJ Quickee: hold on the food is burning
[19:35] dhskicker: talking to LD?
[19:38] DJ Quickee: sorry had to clean the oven my food split over
[19:38] DJ Quickee: she wants to talk to me
[19:38] dhskicker: what kinda food? tv dinner?
[19:38] DJ Quickee: sweet
[19:38] DJ Quickee: pot pie
[19:38] dhskicker: yeah, get your mac on, bitach
[19:38] DJ Quickee: you bull shit me
[19:39] dhskicker: no bull shit
[19:42] dhskicker: ya mackin?
[19:43] DJ Quickee: just talking right
[19:43] dhskicker: yeah
[19:43] dhskicker: go for it sucker
[19:46] dhskicker: go go go
[19:46] dhskicker: i just talked her into coming for the bama game
[19:46] dhskicker: and she is bringing clemson girls!@
[19:46] DJ Quickee: oh yeah
[19:49] DJ Quickee: sweet
[19:50] dhskicker: so are you talkin?
[19:51] DJ Quickee: yeah
[19:53] dhskicker: fuckwad, quit putting words in my mouth
[19:54] DJ Quickee: i am not putting words in your mouth
[19:55] dhskicker: you told her i said she was un party animale!
[19:55] DJ Quickee: yep
[19:55] DJ Quickee: so who the fuck cares
[19:55] DJ Quickee: don;t get your panties in a wad
[19:55] dhskicker: in a bunch...
[19:55] dhskicker: too late
[20:04] DJ Quickee: dude how long has it been since i came to washington
[20:04] dhskicker: mmm
[20:05] dhskicker: four, five years
[20:05] DJ Quickee: more than that
[20:05] DJ Quickee: i think 6 or 7
[20:08] dhskicker: possibly
[20:09] DJ Quickee: you are gay
[20:10] dhskicker: you are gay
[20:11] DJ Quickee: don't be mad
[20:11] dhskicker: i'm not
[20:12] DJ Quickee: nip/tuck man it is on in a fwe
[20:12] dhskicker: yeah, gaywad, go watch your faggot plastic surgery show
[20:13] DJ Quickee: it is a awsome show you should watch it
[20:14] dhskicker: i'd rather not be a fudgepacker
[20:26] DJ Quickee: i think your sis thinks i am a alcholic
[20:33] dhskicker: dude, you are
[20:34] DJ Quickee: you are supposed to tell me i am not thanks for the support
[20:34] dhskicker: you are not
[20:34] dhskicker: i am here to support you
[20:34] dhskicker: you are great
[20:34] dhskicker: i love you
[20:35] DJ Quickee: thanks
[20:35] dhskicker: you are welcome
[20:35] dhskicker: how is niptuck?
[20:36] DJ Quickee: starts in 20 minutes
[20:37] dhskicker: ok
[20:42] dhskicker: did you guys get drunk at the ballgame?
[20:43] DJ Quickee: we drank at the game but they stopped selling at half time
[20:43] dhskicker: booooo!!!
[20:43] DJ Quickee: tell me about it i had a dd
[20:44] dhskicker: fuckin a
[20:45] DJ Quickee: fuckin a is right
[20:47] dhskicker: so what did you do, just sit sober in the stands and cheer like a puss?
[20:48] dhskicker: i bet you guys wore your white uni's just to get on tv, and you probably had signs like, "chad johnson is my bitch"
[20:50] DJ Quickee: nope just tried to piss off all the jacksonville fans
[20:50] dhskicker: how's that?
[20:50] DJ Quickee: make fun of their dumb players
[20:50] dhskicker: oh, for those panoramics, I used a prog called autostitch, google it
[20:51] DJ Quickee: what did you take like 10 pics then put them together
[20:51] dhskicker: pretty much
[20:52] DJ Quickee: cool
[20:54] dhskicker: go niptuck, bitch
[20:57] dhskicker: what do you call those white navy uniforms?
[20:58] DJ Quickee: why
[20:58] dhskicker: just wondering
[20:59] DJ Quickee: dress whites
[20:59] DJ Quickee: and summer whites
[20:59] dhskicker: ha, thanks
[20:59] dhskicker: i've got something coming for you
[21:00] dhskicker: just remember to check the blog later
[21:00] DJ Quickee: sweet
[21:00] dhskicker: yeah, sweet as your tight ass
[21:01] DJ Quickee: thanks fuck head
[21:01] dhskicker: so, how is your sister
[21:01] dhskicker: is she still with the engineer?
[21:01] dhskicker: tell her I'm available
[21:01] DJ Quickee: ha
[21:01] DJ Quickee: i will tell her
[21:01] dhskicker: no you won't you are too nice to actually break up their marriage
[21:02] DJ Quickee: i will tell her but that is not going to break up the marriage
[21:02] dhskicker: i've been listening to more HIM lately, they are pretty good if you give them the chance, and are in the mood
[21:03] DJ Quickee: i like the fireball ministry
[21:04] dhskicker: are they lovemetal like him
[21:04] DJ Quickee: no
[21:04] DJ Quickee: heavy metal
[21:04] dhskicker: heavy or death?
[21:04] DJ Quickee: heavy
[21:05] dhskicker: neato!
[21:05] DJ Quickee: some shit is going down tonight on mip tuck
[21:06] dhskicker: such as
[21:06] dhskicker: hasn't it started yet?
[21:06] DJ Quickee: i am wathcing it right now
[21:07] dhskicker: ooh, a multi tasking navy boy!
[21:07] dhskicker: i'm thinking of moving to jacksonville
[21:08] DJ Quickee: why
[21:08] dhskicker: to hang with you
[21:08] dhskicker: and watch the jaguars
[21:08] DJ Quickee: if you get a job do it man
[21:08] dhskicker: we could move in and be best busddies
[21:09] DJ Quickee: of course buddy
[21:10] dhskicker: woo wooo woo
[21:10] DJ Quickee: yeah
[21:11] DJ Quickee: hey you sis can move in with me to
[21:11] dhskicker: great idea!
[21:11] dhskicker: why don't you just get her pregnant while you are at it
[21:12] DJ Quickee: nope not doing that
[21:12] DJ Quickee: dude what happened to your truck holy fuck man
[21:13] dhskicker: somebody fuckin kicked in my fender
[21:13] dhskicker: completely random
[21:13] dhskicker: had no idea
[21:13] dhskicker: and i haven't even pissed anyone off lately
[21:13] DJ Quickee: maybe you have
[21:14] dhskicker: mabye
[21:14] dhskicker: i did get a new sticker
[21:14] dhskicker: "your mama is ugly and sends you to bama"
[21:15] DJ Quickee: you bitch
[21:15] dhskicker: it's the sticker
[21:15] dhskicker: only an opinion
[21:16] dhskicker: it was probably a jerk like you that kicked in my fender
[21:16] dhskicker: fucking Bama fans
[21:16] DJ Quickee: roll itde mother fucker
[21:16] DJ Quickee: tide
[21:17] dhskicker: right...
[21:23] DJ Quickee: so how much longer till the blog is updated
[21:23] dhskicker: till we finish this conversation
[21:23] dhskicker: are you done?
[21:24] DJ Quickee: i want to see the updated blog man do that shit
[21:24] dhskicker: ok, end conversation.

So, that's it. You've made it through the whole thing.

Mood: Hungry
Music: Dropkick Muprhys


Anonymous jbuck said...

ha ha ha! dude how that hell did you find that image off of my site!?!?! did you google 'navy boy' or something? i was just looking through the sites that have linked to mine and your site showed up in the list so i checked it out. did not expect to see that pic. made my day. later dude.

9:20 PM  

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