Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The return of Jack

I got up this morning about seven fifteen to get ready for the day and head out to my Archaeology test. I did the customary morning things, get up, use bathroom, feed cat, walk to living room to scrounge for breakfast. I knew the overnight low was supposed to dip on down into the thirties but when I came out, I saw something I was not expecting. The return of Jack Frost. I looked out across the parking lot and the other buildings had a thin layer of frost canvassing the rooftops.

I shuffled my Acorn slippered self over to my handy dandy weather station and saw that it was a brisk 36.2 degrees Farenheit outside. Not freezing, but brisk. By the time I got around to walking the Beagle, it had warmed up slightly. By the time I was ready to scoot to campus, it was nearing forty.

Scooting in this type weather isn't exactly, let's say, comfortable. It requires that I bundle up wearing an outerlayer of Gore-tex or at least Windstopper. Then I slide on my less than windproof gloves and flip down my plastic shield on my helmet. At that point, I'm pretty much ready to teeth chatter my way to campus.

I could get a parking permit and drive the truck to campus. But then I wouldn't have anything to bitch about, except parking a full half mile away from the Business building. I'd use more gas too, which at this point, I can't really afford.

So, I tough it out and scoot where I need to, using the truck sparingly.

Mood: Quiet
Music: Norah Jones (Boy, that's a change)


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