Sunday, October 23, 2005

Unable to capitalize.

Soccer. Thursday. For anyone who's ever played Little League or Dixie Youth, you know the ten run rule. Basically what happens is that if you go up by ten or more runs, the losing team has one inning to get back in the game, if they don't the umpire stops the bloodfest and calls the game, no matter what inning.

Well, apparently the same type rules exist in modern college intramurals. Our team had a good showing, enough for line changes of the six field players. Suprisingly, even though roommate and I were newcomers, we got starting nods. I started at right midfield, just where I wanted to play. The halves were 25 minutes a piece. By the end of the first, we were up 4-0. We made a line change right before the half so the second team started the half. Rather than dropping the ball back at the whistle which is relatively customary, it was rolled forward once and a shot was launched from midpitch. It was perfect. The inexperienced Keeper was caught offguard and the ball floated just under the crossbar. Immaculate.

Roommate and I spend our childhood in smalltown Alabama and soccer didn't actually reach the city until we were 12 or so. I'd played before but when I was much younger. Since no one in town had ever played, skills were very low and I spent my 12-16 years being one of the better players in town but not really developing as one in a more competitive environment would.

When we got to the intramural fields and found our team, I was a bit intimidated right off the bat. The guys we were playing with probably all played at the varsity level in highschool and all had very good touch on the ball. Once we got into the game though everything seemed ok and roommate and I didn't embarass ourselves.

My touch could use some work. I wasn't very accurate in my passing and need/will improve. I didn't place balls at my teammates feet and I rushed a few others when I should have been more patient. I missed headed a crossing ball that was perfectly played. Rather than getting a nice whip into it, I lowered my head and let it hit the top of my crown. It sailed harmlessly over the goalpost. There were a few other times when I should have scored but was unable to capitalize.

All in all, it was good. We showed our national pride destroying the team of Indians (continental, think Bangalore) that we played. This week, we are playing team Great Wall (no kidding) the Chinese/Asian team. From what I saw on Thursday night, they should be more competitive, but I still think we can take them.

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