Friday, November 18, 2005

Biggest weekend of the year.

Last night worked out. We didn't play the Carribeans. Turns out we didn't even need roommate, the bitch. We Mercy Ruled them, going up 8-2 in the second half. I scored. A great ball was feed to be behind the defense. The keeper stayed on his line, giving me a heck of an angle. Knowing I had a pretty much for sure goal, I concentrated on staying calm, having a good touch, and putting the ball on the ground in the corner. Goal.

This weekend is shaping up to be almost as good as last. J2 is on his way up from Florida as I type. I'm not going to get wasted tonight because I want to run in the morning. We have 12 miles scheduled. Tomorrow though is a different story. Biggest weekend of the year. The eyes of the entire state/region/nation are on the Plains. Tomorrow at this time there will be 87,415 in the stadium and probably another 30,000 without tickets. Last home game as a student and I get to spend it with my best friend on a chilly Novemeber afternoon. Not much is better than this. Except an Auburn win, which I'm confident of.

A full update on all the weekends debachery, complete with photographic evidence can be expected late Sunday or on Monday evening. I have a business trip to Atlanta Monday but after that, it's holiday week, woot!

I forgot to mention a few posts ago, but one of the many reasons that J2 is a badass and why you want to remain on the mans goodside is that he can put a 2000 pound missle through your window from 500 miles plus. Even though he flunked out of college, he commands 30+ million in high tech munitions. God Bless America.


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