Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Danes are pretty conservative

For my three to four regular readers, you might recall the post entitled, "Selling out to the (wo)Man." (If you've got the time, visit the link in the comments, it is quite interesting). Well, the time has finally come. Come Friday morning, I'll be boarding a plane bound for NYC and my interview at the North American headquarters of this giant shipping company. I'll be meeting with the recruiter and other person. I'm also going to have the opportunity sit down with my recruiters boss, a Danish woman. From what I've heard, the Danes are pretty conservative when it comes to fashion. This is the advice I've recieved so far, "Avoid wearing anything "risky", and believe I already suggested shaving (sorry, man....this is a sore point for me as well)."

Well, my two available dress shirts are Maroon and Pink. I think those might be considered risky. The plan as of now is for N and I to hit the mall tomorrow in search of a boring ass white shirt to please the conservative Dane.

The facial hair is another matter. I've had my beard for over two years now. It's become part of me. Many guys my age can't grow a full beard. I feel like it makes me stand out a bit. I like my beard even if it is an inanimate object that I have an irrational attachment to.

I really want this job at the shipping company. It will afford me some awesome opportunities to go abroad and see more of the world than I already have. I'm willing to shave my beard for a chance at the job. Hell, only twenty Americans will be hired this year and if shaving my beard means I can be one, I'll do it.

It took me a thirty six ounces of liquid courage before I was even willing to go to the bathroom and start the process. Once I got to it, it wasn't that bad, physically at least. Mentally it was tough to bring the clippers/razor to my face and trim. I finally did it though and now I feel wierd. Not exactly a new man but definitely different.

The great thing about hair is that it grows back. Especially if I don't get the job, it will only take me a few weeks to get back to my natural state. I actually considered this a fairly big deal. I'm coming to learn though that even when things are a big deal, you can't even count on your best friend. J2's response:
DJ Quickee: and i fucking care about this how
dhskicker: because it's a big fucking deal
dhskicker: thanks for the support bitch
DJ Quickee: no prob.

I just hope all this effort will be worth it. No matter really. Come Friday night, I'll be in downtown NYC with The Producer either drinking to remember the day I killed it in my interview or drinking to forget the day I bombed. If you are religous, now would be a good time to pray. Thank you for your support, it means a lot.


Blogger Snowman said...

Well not all hair grow back... ;-)

Good Luck!

6:02 AM  

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