Monday, November 07, 2005

More things this week than I can probably physically handle.

Last week was hectic, this week is an absolute nightmare. We played soccer Thursday night and won six to zero. I really need to work on my finishing skills. I had several opportunities where I should have scored, we are talking open net chances but I blew them with my terrible one touch. Need to work on that if I get time.

On Friday, I ran up to Birmingham for an interview with a large bank. It went well, I'm hoping to get a call back for a third interview sometime this week but I'm not counting on anything until I get the phone call. While I was up there, I met up with the Creative Girl at her office. We headed out and grabbed some lunch. Let's just say the West Coast Pizza Kitchen is good. We shared a Jamiacan jerk/pepper chicken. It was pretty much awesome.

After lunch, she drove me around her neighborhood showing me the bar she works at on the weekends and her apartment. She lives in a neat little part of town that reminded me a lot of PDX. If I end up in Birmingham, I'm going to try to get a place in this part of town, it's that nice. It was really good getting to see her again, we get on so well and have lots of fun together. I did find out though that she has started seeing/dating a rockstar. That's kind of a bummer, I can't compete with that, seriously. Oh well.

Today, I have to run to Atlanta to pick N up. Tomorrow, I am going to Atlanta again for the day for an entire day interview at a big Logistics company. Wednesday, I have two tests. Thursday, I have a big test and soccer late that evening. On Friday, I need to leave my house about three am to get to Atlanta for an eight am flight to NYC. I've got an interview there on Friday that I'm damn nervous about. After the interview Friday, I'll be taking a train into the city to stay with J2's sister, the Producer. She's working at Comedy Central now so maybe I'll get to see the set of her show or something fun like that. Too bad she isn't working at MTV anymore, it would have been cool to go there.

So, that's it, more things this week than I can probably physically handle. I doubt I'll be able to blog again till next weekend. Hopefully not though.

Wish me luck, I'll need it.


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