Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The suprise was completely unexpected

I got up at two forty five am on Friday to fly to New York. After arriving at Newark Airport, I was whiscked by private car to a suburb in New Jersey for my interview at the North American headquarters of this multinational company. The day was pretty out of sync due to some urgent goings on in the office but I was out of there by three thirty. I actually killed it in my interview. I really brought my 'A' game with me. I knew leaving that they were impressed and I'd probably be invited back for a third and final interview.

I called the Producer to make plans to meet her outside of Penn Station. We were to meet on 33rd and Seventh. As I came out of the train station, I heard the Producer calling my name. After greetings and a hug, she said she had someone who wanted to talk to me. As we walked down the street, she called J2 spoke with him for a second, then handed me the phone. He told me they had him out painting the ship. I told him I'd call him back when we got off the street and away from the hustle and bustle. We continued to walk and then I felt an arm on my shoulder. I turn around to see J2 standing there. He and the producer had conspired to get him to New York just for the weekend. What a great suprise. I was actually pretty shocked.

I pride myself on usually getting the best of other people and pulling pretty good suprises on them but this time, I was completely duped and had no idea.

With my bags, it was not really feasible to try and go out and have a good time in Manhattan Friday night. We decided to grab a bite to eat and have a few drinks and then head out to Queens where the Producer lives. We took the subway out and got settled into her basement apartment. With not much to do and too little time to make a trip back to the city, we decided to hit up a pub near her place. J2 and I played pool and generally had a pretty good time.

Saturday morning we slept in and then headed for China town in search of our favorite hole in the wall resteraunt. After a minute we found it mostly due to the Producer remembering that there is a vacant lot across the street from it. We went in and ordered lunch even though it was only eleven fifteen. Lunch, as expected, was damn good and dirt cheap. Afterwards, we headed to Soho to search for the Apple store and do some other random shopping. We ended up in JCrew and they had some decent guys stuff deeply discounted. J2 decided to embrace his inner Metro self and get a pink shirt. Ok, it's not really pink, but it does have some pink in it. Way to go man, wel come to the club. It takes a real man to wear pink.

Saturday afternoon was spent on the couch watching football. We started out flipping between the end of Clemson vs. FSU and USC vs. Florida. Once the 'Bama game came on, it was all downhill. The Producer insisted on sitting on her part of the couch and wearing the same thing she had worn for the last nine weeks. J2 even put on his lucky 'Bama boxers. I cheered for Alabama mostly because I had to but I was sincere in my desire for them to win. Unfortunately, the weaknesses I knew they always had were exposed for the entire nation to see and they fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.

By the time my Tigers came on, we had been through many many beers. Thankfully unlike Alabama's offense, Auburn showed up to play. We won in thrilling fashion. At some point during the game, I got the hiccups and the Producer insisted that I drink water from the opposite side of the glass to remedy the situation. Below you will see another example of the abuse I take:

I think the hiccups were gone after this, so maybe J2 smacking me was the key, or maybe it was the water, who knows. After spilling the water, I managed to further spill two more things, an entire can of Dr. Pepper and a perfectly good Brew. Shame on me.

J2 decided he was going to go all Unabomber on us for a while. Here is the proof.

The weekend can pretty much be summed up in one word. Epic. Having the suprise was completely unexpected and pretty awesome. Even though I know the Producer and I would have had fun by ourselves I'm glad J2 was able to make it.

The last time we were in New York together was Thanksgiving of 2000. We've been through a lot as friends and it was good to have another experience we'll remember for a damn long time. Here is what we looked like back in the day, I think we've grown up a bit since then, wouldn't you agree?

I'll leave you with one last picture. The aftermath of a crazy weekend with good friends.


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