Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They taste like munching on a stick of incense.

I like beer. When I think of beer, the old Benjamin Franklin saying:
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
- Benjamin Franklin

As much as this might make you want to cringe, when I'm drinking cheap domestic stuff, I opt for Coors Light. Given the choice of other domestic stuff, Coors Light is my choice 95% of the time.

Tonight, as usual, I don't have a surplus of money. I finished off my three tall boys of Coors Light. That left me with a choice. 1. Go spend money I don't have on beer. 2. Quit drinking. 3. Continue drinking.

As one might imagine, I chose number three. The only problem with this is that my selection of beers sans Coors Light is quite limited. I have a really old (think summer) Guinness that is way past it's expiration. I also have a three Sierra Nevada Pale Ales. N's brother brought these when he came for a football game earlier in the fall.

I have a severe distates for IPA's. To me, they taste like munching on a stick of incense. Faced with the choice of running to Kroger or drinking an aged Guiness or a nasty IPA, can you guess what I chose?

Damn straight. I chose the IPA. It was wretched. I could only down it in quick bursts of long guzzles. I was only really drinking it for the alcahol content. Certainly not the taste.

I finished one. Now, I'm at home thinking, nasty beer vs. driving to the store for more decent beer vs. going to bed half buzzed.

Lifes's decisions.....


Blogger schmims said...

My dog is named after Sierra Nevada.

4:55 AM  

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