Thursday, December 15, 2005

At least until the 'real' job starts.

Well, well well. What a ride it's been, the ups and downs, mostly ups recently.

I landed that job at the big box retailer. I'm pretty excited about it, for it will allow me to stay here in town and live the college life for the next six months. I've been hired on as the manager of the electronics department at a rate of $10.75 an hour. I've got to tell you, in wage depressed Alabama, I wasn't really expecting to be started at that rate, but I'll take it. That will definitely get me by for a little while. At least until the 'real' job starts.

As a condition of employment, I had to take a forensic toxicology screen. This morning was spend trundling across town in my little pickup, dodging puddles and peeing in a cup. What a delight my life is.

I was talking to my roommate last night about all the hoops I've been jumping through trying to line stuff up so that I can stay here and extend out lease with him. Then he dropped it. He basically said that extending the lease was fine with him but something had to be done with the cat and that basically that something was for the cat to be gone. I'm not sure why he waited till the last minute, because at this point I don't really have an option but to cave to his demand. Maybe he's that diabolical and knew that ahead of time, it was all part of his master plan.

So, this morning before my tox screen, I took Thumbs back up to the store where I adopted him from. My old boss didn't really care, I think she looked at is as if he had a good foster home for a year. That's the way I guess I'd like to think of it as well.

I liked Thumbs but he wasn't as cool a cat as I was hoping he would be when I first got him. I knew that I'd have to give him up a sometime, when I moved later this summer or whenever. Oh well. I guess it's for the best. He'll find a good home and until then, I can still go visit him in the catroom.

Today is an off day. I've got pretty much nothing going on save for relatives and friends coming into town tonight. I think I'm going to start cleaning the apartment shortly. N and I were scheduled to take pictures today. We were planning on doing some cap and gown pictures around campus as well as some 'senior' type pictures. I don't know that that is going to happen though. The weather has been quite nasty all morning, with the rain just now moving out of the area. I don't know if it will clear up enough by the afternoon to be worth it. At least the weather is looking nice for tomorrow, G-day.

Tomorrow, I'll officially be a graduate. It's been a long nine semsters in coming but I finally think I'm ready.


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