Monday, December 05, 2005

I hope I do well.

I'm heading up to NYC again tomorrow. This time it is for the Third and final interview with the major shipping company. As of this moment, I'm a little nervous and do not really feel prepared at all. I'm sure that will change with time though. I have some time tomorrow and all of Tuesday night to gather my thoughts and get prepared.

Apparently there are five candidates interviewing on Wednesday. Luckily, we are the first round to go through so there is the potential that all of us could get into the program. That's what I'm hoping for. I'll be interviewing with the head honchos of the North American division. That kind of stuff always intimidates me. I hope I do well. I'll know if I'm going to be made an offer by the time I land back in Atlanta on Wednesday.

The next time you will hear from me, I will either be happy that I have two offers to choose from or will be depressed that I blew it and can only take the one offer I already have...

See you then.


Blogger Marit said...

Hope it went well!!!

4:52 PM  

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