Saturday, December 31, 2005

A nice twelve miler to finish off the year.

It's been a long time. I spent far more time in North Carolina than I had planned, but it was nice relaxing and eating Mom's home cooking. I ate way too much for far too long and now I return a few pounds heavier than when I left. It's good to be back. Even though my mind is heavy with money troubles and other issues, it's nice to be back. It was great to see N last night. We met at her place for some Mellow Mushroom and gift exchange. All of her family gave my great gifts. She did a good job, her Mom got me something totally unexpected yet very cool and her brother hit one out of the park with his gift. She seemed to like the small things I gave her but I'm planning on getting her something nice once I get settled into my job and my financial situation stabilizes.

I ended up with a pretty decent haul for Christmas. Not as nice as last year mind you but still quite nice. I'll detail it in all it's linkable glory later. Today, I got up and ran with the running club. A nice twelve miler to finish off the year.

According to my log book, I ran 622 miles in 2005. I estimate that that is probably at least 175 under my actual total. I didn't start logging my mileage right away and there are some days that I ran for time rather than a calculated distance. I'm certainly pleased with that.

I'll post more later, but now, I'm off to spend the day with N. I know the break I just took was hard to bear. I'm sure you all went through withdrawls while I was gone. That said, it will probably be next year before I blog again. Try to remember me and not to forget.

See you next year.


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