Monday, December 12, 2005

This is going to be a long one.

Sit back, settle in, and let me tell you of the awsomeness that was my past week. Please, make yourself comfortable, this is going to be a long one.

First off, I had a blogaversarry on December 7th. I didn't remember. Needless to say, I've been sleeping on the couch for the last week.

We'll go way back to last Tuesday to start this post. I took of in the afternoon for New York, again. This time for the third and final interview. They put me up in a hotel for the evening. I was told to order room service if I was hungry. I wasn't really that hungry, but I ordered anyway. I got a sandwich, mashed potatos and a coke. It was twenty nine dollars. The company had One and a Half Billion Dollars in profit last year. I didn't feel too bad.

I woke up early on Wednesday to prepare for the interview and got dressed. I was intimidated when I saw the other guys who were interviewing but after I spoke with them for a minute, I was at ease.

The executive interviews went really well. I enjoyed talking to the men I met. They were nice and down to earth. After the interviews, we had lunch with some of the second year trainees. They were also very nice.

As we were leaving, the three of us who were left were told that we were going to be made offers. I was super stoked when I got that new. The other interviewees were all very cool and I could see myself being friends with each of them. I was the only southerner of the bunch. The rest were from Big Ten schools, which was interesting.

I came back to town Wednesday night on a high. I had good reason to be. I had a group meeting that evening to discuss a case for marketing.

Thursday I got up and did some stuff. Then, it was time to head off to South Carolina for the half marathon. We were late leaving town. We were already going to get in late, but leaving an hour and a half later than planned really chapped my hide. That in conjunction with the rain we encountered on top of my friend driving like a grandmother almost sent me over the edge. What should have been a six to six and a half hour trip turned into an eight hour trip with us arriving at one forty five local time.

We got into my grandmothers and pretty much headed straight to bed. Friday was a day to sleep in and try to recover from that monster trip over. We headed down to Kiawah in the late morning to pick up our packets, scope out the venue and drive the course. It was well worth the trip down.

Friday afternoon was nice but my grandmother was being kind of pushy trying to get us to do things when we just wanted to hang around and stay off our legs. N, the Frog (my racing buddy), and I watched A Mighty Wind. I love that movie as well as Best in Show and This is Spinal Tap!
Friday evenin was a dinner of spaghetti care of my grandfather. He does awesome spaghetti and this weekend was no exception. The only problem was my grandmother was drunk, as I expected she probably would be. She was being such an obnoxious bitch that I almost decked her. I hate when she drinks. That's why I don't go visit her. She went to bed early and passed out. Thank Jeebus.

I had trouble sleeping on Friday night. I was anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. Previous to the race, I'd never run anything competitive over a 5k. There is a big difference between a 5k with 200 runners and a half marathon with 3500.

We got up super early and were out of the house by six. There was a monster traffic jam trying to get onto the island and I thought we might miss the start. As it turns out, the traffic jam was due to different traffic patterns and a muddy parking lot. The start was delayed fifteen minutes. We were there, ready for the start and waited the extra fifteen.

The Frog and I planned to go out at 7:30, 7:15, 6:45. Being on under pace by the third mile, we figured we could gain our time back over the next ten miles. My goal was to run the half in 1:30:00. That was perfect to bring the Frog to the half way point.

I felt suprisingly strong until mile 9 or so. We were running about 1:15 below are target pace. At mile 9, I let the Frog go and put about 30 yards between us. At the half, he turned to do the second loop while I pulled it into the chute crossing in a time of 1:29:15. I finished 56th of 2070. I came in 5th in my age group. I got my goal!

The Frog was about 100 yards ahead of me at the turn and probably ran the half in about 1:28:55. He was looking good. From what he told me, through mile 16, he knew he had it. He felt strong and he could feel the 3:00:00 mark within his grasp. He had tucked in with a group of three to four other guys and they were going strong. At mile 17, he slowed slightly to take a Gu. He said that the pack he was with put some distance on him. Even though he gave it a valiant effort, he was not able to catch back up with them. From what he told me, he lost 10 to 15 seconds a mile from that point.

After recovering from my run, I walked back to mile 24 to wait for him and help run him in to the end. Even though I knew he would not be breaking the three hour mark, when I saw him he was still looking strong. We had a nice run on in. He finished strong breaking 3:10:00. He finished 60th of 1021 with a super time of 3:09:55. He once again qualified for Boston.

The event was great fun and super well organized. I can't wait to do it again!

We headed back to town that afternoon. The trip home was almost as excruciating as the trip over. We hit two traffic snarls in Atlanta. I pretty much came in and crashed.

I got a job and I ran my first half marathon in under an hour and a half. I'd say it was decent. You can see more pictures of me in all my sweaty, racing glory here.

The best part is, there is still more...


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Run J Run!

I thought you were doing the whole marathon. Did you do the half because of the knee?

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