Monday, January 23, 2006

"How the hell did you go from my solo comments to 70?"

Schmims' question was probably the most appropriate. "How the hell did you go from my solo comments to 70?"

Sitting in that hotel room, I obviously didn't have much to do. One night, I was thinking about how much I liked working on N's Powerbook and how I was ready to make the switch and leave Windows behind forever. I started writing and what you read is the end result. The article in and of itself wasn't what was responsible for the seventy some odd comments, Digg was. I submitted an older article to digg back in the spring but it didn't go anywhere. It only got nine diggs and never made it out of the mass of stories.

On a whim and because I thought my article was decent, I decided to submit this one to digg as well. I submitted it about six that evening and the diggs started to pour in. When I went to bed, it had eleven diggs, little did I know what I'd wake up to.

Backside 180 doesn't get much traffic. I get ten or fifteen hits a day, not a whole lot. That's fine with me. I don't really do it for glory, more to entertain myself and to leave a written record of my life.

When I woke up the next morning, I got a text message from brother saying that I'd gone front page on digg. I was super stoked. I logged on to see that I'd already gotten over two hundred diggs and lots of comments on the blog as well as on digg. Go here to see my articles digg page and read the comments there. Far and away, the comments on digg are from haters. For one reason or another the mostly believed several things. 1) I'm a Mac zelot. 2) I'm an idiot and have no idea what I'm talking about. 3) Somehow I'm gay. 4) The story didn't belong on digg. 5) Some combination of the above. On Backside 180 though, most of the comments were positive. I attribute this to the diggers being trolls who mostly didn't read the article and the blog commenters to people who actually read/digested what I had to say.

I think this was my favorite comment:
I hope you got paid well for this advertisement -because in my eyes your integrity is shot!

Your use of the language..your word choice and sentence structure have definelty been through a marketing machine!
I like to think of it as some vindication of my education. All those Marketing classes sunk in and I learned something! People, I'm a Marketing Machine!

Most of the comments were pretty entertaining to read. It would have been fun to get on and fan the flames, but I stayed away. It wasn't worth the shouting match that would have ensued.

Here is what happened with my traffic levels. Here is a graph that tracks my hits for the last nine days.
Pretty crazy. I don't think I've had an over one hundred hit day and last Thursday, I just missed thirteen thousand. A Boy and A Powerbook eventually recieved seven hundred thrity two digs, one hundred nineteen comments on digg and seventy on Backside 180. Traffic is returning to normal. Hits have been high since going front page on digg, but they are mostly residual hits from and other places that have linked to the post. I will say thanks to anyone who enjoyed it enough to link back to me. That was pretty fun. I doubt I picked up too many more readers, especially when they read the next several posts and see I'm more of a life blogger than a tech blogger.

I was disappointed in one aspect of the sitation though. I deliberately mentioned Scoble and threw phrases such as Microsoft Sucks, Vista slips and other incendiary phrases hoping to get his attention. I was looking for a link and a response from him. I even took a jab at his son who recieved a free iBook hoping to raise his hackels. It didn't seem to work. I don't even know if he saw the article.

So, that my friends is how you go from mostly no or solitary comments to over seventy. You get dugg.


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