Monday, January 09, 2006

I can drop the soap at will without rapish consequences.

Schmims is right. It's less than two weeks into the damn year and I'm already falling down on at least one of my resolutions. If it helps, I do have some semblance of an excuse.

Last night, I drove up to Birmingham to spend the night before I started work this morning. I'm here at one of the Super versions of our store for two weeks of training. Today went well. The guy I'm training with seems to have his act together and I think he will be able to teach me a lot. I already learned quite a bit just by shadowing him today. They have put me up in a Hampton Inn, which isn't bad. I talked N into letting me bring her Powerbook. They have complimentary Wifi, so I'm obviously not internetless for two weeks, which would be miserable. I brought two seasons of Seinfeld with me. They should keep me busy for most of the time. I also brought along a few books as well as some magazines. Althought it is lonely, I dont' think I'll be too bad off. Being stuck at the hotel will just be a lot like solitary confinement for the next while. Solitary with internet and tv and I can drop the soap at will without rapish consequences.

I don't get a perdium but, I can get reimbursed for my meals. They will comp ten bucks for breakfast and up to twenty for dinner. Lunch is up to me, but I can deal with that. There is only one slight problem. I'm broke. Dead broke. As in, I have eighteen dollars until i get paid Friday week. It's hard to buy a meal even when you know you'll get the money back if you have none in the first place.

With my diet that I'm trying to adhere to, that is actually really good. Nothing like being on a starvation diet when you actually have no food to eat. My saving grace is that they do have a continental breakfast. This morning I went down, got my paper and had a bowl of cereal. I stole three yogurts and two apples for later. I had one apple for lunch. For dinner I bought a buck loaf of bread at work and I think I'll have yogurt for desert.

That's pretty much where I stand. I missed the long run on Saturday because I overslept. I was annoyed with myself, but I think it was good and my knee needed the rest. With travel, I didn't run yesterday. I didn't run today either. I think tomorrow, I'll try to run. They have a treadmill downstairs and I might try to hit it. I'm not sure yet though.

I think that's all I've got for now. There isn't really too much more to tell in truth. So, yeah, I'm out.

Oh, for those readers who are penny pinching tight asses, and you know who you are, got any eat dirt cheap tips?

Earlier, it actually crossed my mind to go do an eat an run at Applebee's but I kinda scratched that idea. I do remember fromm my traveling through France days that a baquette with brie was cheap but I don't know where I can find quality brie for super cheap without being in France...


Blogger schmims said...

Wendy's side ceasar is 99 cents. Crazy bread is $1.99 or even better, Baby Pan Pan for $3, but that's probably not in your diet. Props for stealing from the continental!

I hump Super Target!

5:49 AM  
Blogger Marit said...

Keep stealing from the continental! Even better....if they have a Whole Foods---did you know you can get a "sample" of anything? They've got good stuff, and lots of it. Just fill up on samples!

5:13 PM  

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