Friday, January 27, 2006

I guess I'm still immature

This might be scattered and a little bit of everywhere. As my Dad would like to call it, in his corporate jargon, a 'brain dump'. I guess I'm still immature, I think of different things than he wants me to when he says brain dumb. It makes me chuckle.

My videos finally went live on Google Video. I had to resubmit them. For whatever reason, there was some sort of issue, maybe they got lost in the que. At anyrate, I resubmitted them and they all went live. I was worried that some might not conform to the terms and conditions and would be turned down but everythings fine. I'll probably muster up the courage to link to them soon for your viewing pleasure.

I'm still seeing the effects of the big Digg. The aftershocks are consequently smaller but I can still see my story traveling around the internet when I look at my logs.

Speaking of server logs, you might remember this story that I linked to, you know the one where Michael S. Rosenwald posits that America has to be fat. Well, I have the sneaking suspicision that ol Mike was checking out what the blogs were saying about him and he might have stumbled upon my writeup and link to Jeremy Zawodny. It might all be coincedence, but I like to have my theory, so follow me for a minute.

Take a look at this visitor and how they arrived at Backside 180, then the articles they viewed:

Note the area that the IP originates from. If you guessed that Silver Spring, Maryland was 'within the beltway', as they like to say on Sunday morning political shows, you'd be dead on. My guess is that either there is another person in the world who thinks that Mr. Rosenwald is an idiot and they just happen to live in the same city that the paper that published his article or it's him, checking up on himself and what the blogs are saying about him.

Well, if you happen to see this post Mr. Rosenwald. I still think you're an idiot, but it's nothing personal. I'm sure you can't help it.

Work went good this week although I feel as though I'm being thrown to the wolves a bit. I haven't gotten as much one on one time with my exec/boss as I'd want but it's still going ok. I've got some travel/racing plans for the spring and I've turned in requests off which have all been promptly approved. It just so happens that I'm off next Friday night and there is a show in Atlanta that I think I'll attend.

I missed Armor for Sleep at the Warped Tour this summer so I'm going to try to catch them next Friday. They are playing with Boys Night Out whom I did see at Warped Tour and they were mighty good, except for some assholes in the pit. Hopefully this show will be better, I'm already getting stoked and it's still a week out.

Running has gone well this week. I've taken it down a few notches and am trying to do it just for the enjoyment and not race myself everyday. That's how I got injured and now that I'm somewhat ok, (knock on wood) I don't want to reinjure myself by going out too hard. After tomorrow morning, I'll have put in ~25 miles which is on pace for my 1200 mile goal. I'll still be behind at the end of January but I can catch up over the next eleven months.

I'm ready to sleep now so, I'm done.


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